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With an exponentially more intense schedule ahead for Jake Starr, the most intense he has faced since hie return to professional wrestling, the amount of preparation he has had to endure has also grown. Since finding out he would be participating in the first round of Majestic Wrestling's "God of Wrestling" tournament, and having another difficult challenge in front of him at Supreme Championship Wrestling's weekly show, Breakdown, he has been constantly preparing, both mentally and physically, for both opponents. This week poses added threats, as Jake prepares for two opponents who couldn't be bigger polar-opposites from one another. On one hand, Jake has Stacy Kissinger in SCW. She's thrown his game off due to the fact she is a woman, and on top of that, she has proven herself as a formidable opponent for the men who she has faced thus far. On the other hand, Jake has his opponent for the first round of the "God of Wrestling" tournament, Niq Kross. Since Jake first addressed his match with Kross, he has done nothing but give the utmost, verbal, respect to the newcomer. He has also done so in his preparation for the match too. His workouts have become so intense that his wife has become concerned he may burn himself out if he continues at this pace. The one reassurance she has is that Jake's regimen is being monitored by Shawn Wright. As Jake continues his in-ring workouts, Roeper stands ringside, alongside Shawn, looking concerned regarding his constant preparation.

Roeper Hart: I really am worried he's going to burn himself out!

Shawn Wright: Roeper... Trust me on this! He's in the best mental and physical shape of his life. It was a matter of time before he took on challenges like this.

Roeper Hart: I know... But still!

Shawn Wright: I know you're worried! But think about this... He beat four guys in one match in only his SECOND MATCH back. In this case, he just more matches in less time. This week just happens to throw two complete opposites at him. He wants to make sure he devotes as much time to both opponents as possible.

Roeper Hart: It just seems like more than he's taken on in a while...

Shawn Wright: You're talking like he's elderly here! The guy simply was out of wrestling four years. He didn't go from being a physically fit pro wrestler, to a guy with an oxygen tank and a walker in that span.

Roeper Hart: True...

Shawn Wright: I understand this is a lot... But Jake has his passion and his fire back when it comes to wrestling. Before he took his hiatus, remember how much he took on?

Roeper Hart: Yeah...

Shawn Wright: He never wants to get to that level, because he knows that WILL burn him out. He tried to take entire federations, that were doomed from the start, on his shoulders and carry them. That's why he chose Supreme Championship Wrestling. SCW is established, and isn't going anywhere. He doesn't feel the need to carry the burden of the federation on his shoulders week after week...

Roeper Hart: I suppose...

Shawn Wright: And this tournament... Think of it this way... He still isn't completely back being the "Jake Starr" of old. This tournament is the kind of thing that will really help push him that extra bit to really get him back in the form that he feels he's not at yet.

Into the frame comes Jake's sparring partner, being thrown down by a violent hip toss by the SCW superstar.

Shawn Wright: Nice one man!

Jake lifts his opponent up and continues sparring, while Shawn returns to talking to Roeper.

Shawn Wright: And think about it... If he wins this tournament, he'll be even more valuable in this business.

Roeper Hart: True...

Shawn Wright: And if you want my honest opinion... Training like this is keeping him from thinking about Drachewych and his whole "favor."

Roeper Hart: I have a feeling that is bothering him more than he's letting on...

Shawn Wright: I'm sure you're right there. Especially with how the last Breakdown went. I think he started to forget about it, and then Drachewych comes down and escorted him to the back. That made him realize this guy is going to keep playing these stupid games.

Roeper Hart: Yeah... He mentioned to me his dad was pretty annoyed with it too!

Shawn Wright: I don't think there is anyone who isn't annoyed with this whole ordeal.

Roeper Hart: Very true!

Jake's opponent crashes to the mat again.

Shawn Wright: Almost break-time bro!

A panting Jake responds.

Jake Starr: Ok!

Shawn once again reverts his attention back to Roeper.

Shawn Wright: Seriously though... If he can manage winning in this tournament AND managing to continue his streak in SCW, Jake Starr will be back 100%.

Roeper Hart: I hope you're right!

Shawn Wright: If, after all that, he doesn't feel like he's back to his true form... I'll be he one kicking his ass!

Roeper Hart: Ha ha!

Shawn Wright: Seriously! That would be all of the assurance I need to feel like I made the right decision.

Roeper Hart: Yeah... I suppose you're right!

Shawn Wright: Besides all of that... He is seeming more and more just... I don't know... Generally happy again.

Roeper Hart: I can say I have seen that!

Shawn Wright: You and I both saw it... During his little "break," he wasn't ever totally happy.

Roeper Hart: No... He wasn't out in public or at home. Training Thören was the closest he got during that period to being "happy" again.

Shawn Wright: Yeah... And even then it wasn't totally right for him. He wanted to be back in the ring, but after all of the s#it he went through those months before he left the business, he figured his time was just up.

Roeper Hart: Yeah...

Shawn Wright: But trust me Roeper... He's going to be ok!

With that last line, Shawn rings the bell at ringside to cue the end of the sparring session. Jake's opponent, decked out in full padded body gear so Jake could go full force, pulls his headgear off, and looks exhausted. Jake shakes the local's hand, and goes and sits down on his stool in the corner of the ring. He reaches down beside his seat and picks up his bottle of water, and takes a drink.

Shawn Wright: Looked good bro!

Jake Starr: Yeah... A couple of things I want to work on next, but all in all I felt good!

Roeper Hart: You feeling ok?

Jake Starr: Babe you don't have to worry I feel fine!

Roeper Hart: I know... But it's my job to worry!

Jake Starr: Yeah when there is a need to worry... There isn't anything right now to worry about!

Roeper Hart: I'm just not used to you doing this much intense training...

Jake Starr: I know! But you have to trust that I know my limits, and if I start going stupid about it Shawn will step in.

Roeper Hart: I just don't want it to get to that point...

Jake Starr: Trust me! Me neither ha ha! I just want to make sure this first round goes right, and I maul that damn "shim!"

Shawn Wright: Oh speaking of the "shim..." Roeper heard what you said about her...

Jake Starr: Oh?

Roeper Hart: Yeah... I started to get offended, then ended up laughing my ass off...

Jake Starr: HA! Told you!

Shawn Wright: Yeah... I was shocked when she told me she actually found what you said funny!

Jake Starr: Actually... Me too!

Roeper brings up Jake's match for the "God of Wrestling" tournament.

Roeper Hart: So are you ready for Kross?

Jake Starr: Oh yeah... I'm more than ready! He's a talented kid, but I'm ready to give him a "warm welcome" to SCW and Majestic Wrestling, that's for sure!

Roeper Hart: Good!

Jake Starr: Yeah... I mean think about it... It really isn't that often someone comes along in this business, that shows the capabilities to be something special. Most of the time you're stuck watching people do their best imitation of Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, The Rock, Bret Hart, you know, the guys who really paved the way for guys like me to even be in this business. It's a rarity someone comes in with their own vision, and their own, I don't know, schtick I guess. Niq Kross, honestly, is one of those few people. I am fortunate enough to face the kid in this tournament, and honestly I see the bright future ahead for him. Unfortunately for him, he won't think that after round one of this "God of Wrestling" tournament. He'll realize he still has a lot of work ahead of him in order to really recognize his potential. I can say this... Losing to me won't ruin his career. Losing to me shouldn't make him completely second guess whether or not he should be in this business. It should just show him that there is a level he COULD be at. It should show him that, although he may hope to be, he isn't at "that level" quite yet. He will be, mark my words on that. He just is being tossed to a shark in the midst of his feeding frenzy. It won't be the start he is hoping for, but it also won't deject him to the point of questioning his career.

Roeper Hart: Well I guess that's nice to think he won't be questioning the direction of his career after this...

Jake Starr: Well... Think about it! The guys I have fought thus far, Leon Logan, Stupid-man Luva, and Eric Anderson. These guys have no career ahead of them. Kross, on the other hand, will suffer the same fate as them when he goes into the ring with me, but after that he won't just fall of the map like those other guys did.

While the three are talking, from inside Jake's gymbag, sitting on the ground near Roeper's foot, Jake's cell phone rings. Roeper reaches down and picks it up. The camera zooms in on the cell phone, and the caller ID says "Bane." Roeper hands the phone over to Jake, and he answers.

Jake Starr: Bane!

Voice of Bane: Hey bro!

Jake Starr: Where are you at?

Voice of Bane: Trying to find a damn place to park... What about you?

Jake Starr: In the back... Just walk through the gym area, and you'll walk right into us.

Voice of Bane: Alright man!

Jake hangs up the cell phone, and from his stool in the ring, tosses it back into his gymbag.

Roeper Hart: Nice shot!

Jake Starr: Thanks! Bane's outside...

Roeper Hart: Didn't know he was coming!

Jake Starr: Yeah... He had been watching on TV, and just had to come by and say hey!

Roeper Hart: Oh nice! It's been a while since you've seen him!

Jake Starr: Yeah no kidding!

From behind Roeper and Shawn a man standing nearly seven feet tall walks in. Presumably Bane, the man hugs Roeper, and shakes Shawn's hand. Jake stands up and leans on the top rope. Bane climbs up to the apron and the two embrace.

Bane: How the hell are you bro?

Jake Starr: Not bad!

Bane: You just couldn't stay away could you?

Jake Starr: Nope... I tried man, I tried!

Bane: Ha ha! You're where you're supposed to be bro!

Jake Starr: Thanks...

From behind Bane, Shawn joins into the reuniting as Bane climbs down off of the apron.

Shawn Wright: How about you dude? How's retirement?

Bane: Retirement is good! My body was beaten up bad... I needed to finally step away. That, and I wanted to finally enjoy time with the family.

Shawn Wright: Yeah... Helping Jake out has really helped keep my "urge" in check!

Bane: Ha ha I can imagine!

Bane looks back up at Jake.

Bane: So What's with this Kross kid?

Jake Starr: What about him?

Bane: You seemingly talked him up pretty big when we talked the other day...

Jake Starr: Yeah... The kid deserves it!

Bane: I looked into him some, and I swear to GOD he is a carbon copy of Kold Killa...

Jake Starr: Ha ha!

Bane: Am I wrong?

Jake Starr: Nah! I saw a lot of the same characteristics in Kross.

Bane: When I saw him I thought Killa had adoped some new name and gimmick. I actually called him up to see!

Jake Starr: Was he confused?

Bane: Oh yeah! He hadn't heard you were back!

Shawn Wright: What the hell has he been doing?

Bane: He's back to breeding his thoroughbred racing horses again!

Jake Starr: And I bet he's made a f_cking fortune again with it!

Roeper Hart: Really?

Jake Starr: Yeah... His family did that before he became a wrestler. He was betting at tracks before he was 16...

Roeper Hart: Is that even legal?

Jake Starr: Not really... But when your family is breeding them, you're allowed. They don't publicize it, but it happens!

Bane: I just thought it was funny how much Kross and Killa had in common!

Jake Starr: One thing that I really found funny was when he said I was just another person claiming to be a "misfit of society." I hate to say it, but that shows a lot about his "newness" to the business. Sure a lot of people describe them in senses that give off the impression that they think of themselves as a "misfit." The difference between all of those guys and myself is the fact that I am the OFFICIAL "Social Misfit" in professional wrestling. I didn't just decide one day to call myself that. I was cast aside by many people in the locker room for not "playing nice." Owners of various organizations were scared of me, and flat out fired me because of it. As time progressed, I encountered a couple of guys who were in the same boat as myself. Between the three of us, we were basically banned from everywhere. That's when the "Social Misifts" as a group were born. We quit being "asked" to come represent companies, and flat out invaded places and just took over. We were sick of being treated like s#it, so we decided to start destroying places we deemed "pieces of s#it." Then the three of us decided to move on, and they've since retired. I will ALWAYS be a "Social Misfit," and I will ALWAYS remain a "Social Misift." If he wants to talk about people who are basically a "dime-a-dozen," look at all of the people claiming to be "the next big thing" in professional wrestling. Look at all those who claim they're going to "take an organization by storm, and win it all." Those are your "dime-a-dozen" guys.

Bane is obviously enjoying hearing Jake bring back the memories of the "Social Misfits," and their "reign of terror" on organizations a few years back.

Jake Starr: Bring back memories?

Bane: You have no idea bro!

Shawn Wright: You coming out of retirement now too?

Bane: Ha ha... Nah! Jake's handling all that himself. He doesn't need me or Killa to help him... Besides... We're all "Misfits" for life. Trust me if there was ever a severe need, Killa and I would stand aside our brother without hesitation!

Jake Starr: It's a brotherhood!

Bane: Damn right!

Jake takes a drink from his water.

Jake Starr: He also is, seemingly, making another mistake. Instead of just looking at what is ahead of him, being me, he is already looking ahead to the rest of the roster. I understand he wants to make sure everyone takes notice of him, but he needs to realize that by "warning" everyone, he is being one of those people he hopes to "liberate." Every newcomer "warns" the roster of the impending danger, that is their respective debut. It doesn't hold water anymore. All it does is muddle you into the menagerie of corn-ball talent already out there. Does he seriously want to do that with himself? I did things differently... Instead of just speaking out on my own time and "warning" everyone... I went straight to the source. I approached Greaternity face to face. When they realized who I was, they knew I wasn't just another shmuck. They knew who Jake Starr was, and is for that matter. Even though I am still a relative "rookie" to the roster of Supreme Championship Wrestling, people know I am here with a purpose, and will be the one to continue to shock the world by knocking off the SCW elite. Those in this tournament will soon learn the same lesson. They'll expect me to be tough, but nothing too spectacular. Everyone will be shocked when I demolish whoever stands in my way. But I can say this about my match with Kross... I sincerely hope we put on the match of this tournament. I hope that, no matter who wins this tournament, everyone looks back to the first round match between Jake Starr and Niq Kross and just says, "HOLY S#IT THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE MAIN EVENT!"

Bane: You think you guys could make that happen?

Jake Starr: I don't see why not! I mean hell, if an undercard match at Wrestlemania can steal a show from its main events, why couldn't we steal the show in round one?

Bane: Good point!

Jake Starr: I just think between the two of us, we can all-in-all steal the show! And hell... If we do, no matter who wins or loses we both could look back and be proud of the match.

Bane: Another good point!

Jake Starr: I'm full of them!

Shawn Wright: You're full of something!

Roeper Hart: Yeah! S#it!

The stereotypical "Ohhh" echos through the gym.

Bane: Damn even your wife is slamming you!

Jake Starr: Makes up for all the nights I slam her!

Another chorus of "Ohhh" echos.

Roeper Hart: He does have a point!

The group shares a chuckle at the exchange between the husband and wife duo. Jake's sparring partner returns from his break to resume the training session with the Adrenaline Champion of SCW. With the increased moral support from fellow "Social Misfit," Bane, Jake's mood has become even more upbeat, as he looks forward to his encounter with Niq Kross in this tournament. The scene slowly fades out with Starr and his partner in the ring continuing to prepare for his match. The rest of the crew at ringside continue to chat and shout suggestions and words of encouragement towards their mutual friend and performer. Jake hopes the extra training a preparation will not be something that pays off, and isn't something that turns out to be a waste of time.

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