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Fresh off his successful title defense, at the April-edition of Supreme Championship Wrestling's pay-per view, Out of Control, Jake Starr now has his sights set on a new goal, GOD OF WRESTLING. Majestic Wrestling, sister federation of SCW, is holding a tournament to determine a champion within its walls, as well as determine who it will deem "God of Wrestling." Jake and his wife, Roeper, are relaxing after Jake's defense at Out of Control. Roeper apparently has yet to completely become familiar with the nature of this tournament, or why Jake has elected to enter his name into the event. She first found out about this tournament through a promo tossed at Jake by his opponent, and contractee of both Majestic Wrestling and Supreme Championship Wrestling, Niq Kross. Kross spoke out at Starr, making it clear that, although new, he planned on clawing his way through the tournament, and emerge victorious. It's now Jake's turn, to first explain to his wife what is going on and why, and secondly speak out towards Kross regarding round one of the "God of Wrestling" tournament.

Roeper Hart: So babe... What exactly is this about?

Jake Starr: I thought I told you about it?

Roeper Hart: No... Your dad mentioned to me something about some tournament with another promotion, and I was completely lost! Then next thing I know, I see some guy on television talking about "liberating" you or something.

Jake Starr: That would be Niq Kross...

Roeper Hart: That's all fine and good... But who is he? And I don't know if I am comfortable with him wanting to "liberate" my husband.

Jake Starr: Ha ha...

Roeper Hart: Well it isn't something I am used to hearing from another man!

Jake Starr: Do you think I am used to it?

Roeper Hart: I'd hope not!

Jake Starr: Well I'm not!

Roeper Hart: Good!

Jake Starr: But to bring you up to speed... Majestic Wrestling is a sister promotion to Supreme Championship Wrestling. Actually apparently one of many sister promotions... But anyway I digress... Majestic is holding a tournament called the "God of Wrestling Tournament," and they opened entries up to members of SCW.

Roeper Hart: And let me guess... Because it's the "'God' of Wrestling Tournament," you wanted to win to say you're the "God?"

Jake Starr: Well that was kind of part of it. But ultimately the winner receives the title of "God of Wrestling" along with a singles championship in Majestic Wrestling.

Roeper Hart: So you'd be a champion of a promotion you're not even in?

Jake Starr: That's how it sounds to me!

Roeper Hart: How many opponents do you have to go through?

Jake Starr: Three within the bracket I drew...

Roeper Hart: And after that?

Jake Starr: From my understanding the four bracket winners meet in a fatal four-way match in the finals...

Roeper Hart: How is it you always end up with these matches that involve multiple people?

Jake Starr: I'm lucky?

Roeper Hart: Apparently!

Jake reminds Roeper that before he can look at the fatal four-way, he needs to focus on Niq Kross.

Jake Starr: Right now I just have to focus on this first guy...

Roeper Hart: I have never heard of him!

Jake Starr: Makes two of us!

Roeper Hart: But apparently he thinks highly of himself...

Jake Starr: Sounds that way! I have looked into this guy though...

Roeper Hart: Really?

Jake Starr: Yeah... He's a kid with a lot of potential...

Roeper Hart: Oh?

Jake Starr: Yeah! Sadly, he is not using it in the way he should be to reach it!

Roeper Hart: What do you mean?

Jake Starr: He could be one of the best things for the future of the business. He just isn't doing it the right way.

Jake takes a swig from his bottle of water.

Jake Starr: You see... In the world of professional wrestling, it is seemingly everyday that I hear someone claim that they're the perineal wrestling "God." Now, we have a tournament to determine who truly deserves that moniker. When I first heard about this tournament, and the rewards I hoped to reap from it, I knew there was no question that I wanted to enter my name into the hat, and do everything I could to win it. How could I not want to win this? Seriously? Look at what I have to gain... Not only do I become THE "Wrestling God" around the realm of Supreme Championship Wrestling AND Majestic Wrestling, but I become a champion within the ranks of Majestic Wrestling as well. The benefits are worth the attempt. And to begin the quest to be the best, I encounter someone who, already, has signed contracts with both SCW and Majestic, Niq Kross. From what I have heard and seen from this guy, he is going to be a formidable opponent for the first round. Granted he is a rookie in the business, he seemingly has a good skill-set to become something much greater. The only downside to Kross, that I have seen thus far... He is running into the hottest superstar in professional wrestling. Kross is someone who, even though he doesn't have a track record to show what he can do, he does have the ora surrounding him. That is something you rarely see. Having the longevity I have in this business, I know what I'm looking for, and Niq definitely is someone who has that rare "it-factor." I honestly can say I look forward to this opening round match in this tournament.

Roeper Hart: I gotcha...

Jake Starr: Yeah... It is rare I literally look forward to a match like this. Usually I have some little moments that I am excited about, but nothing as much as this one.

Roeper looks confused.

Roeper Hart: Why him?

Jake Starr: I see a lot of myself in this kid. He wants to impact the business in ways he dreamt of as a child. He wants to be remembered as a man who changed the business for the better.

Roeper Hart: You really see all of that?

Jake Starr: Oh yeah! I see it loud and clear! Look at the guys I have faced thus far. Who have you seen recently that has wanted to lead a revolution against the crap that has plagued this business? Who thinks of themselves as the future? That was how I began my career back in the day.

Roeper Hart: You have a point!

Jake Starr: He has the desire... That cannot be argued!

Roeper Hart: I see...

Jake Starr: The problem is, he is wanting to do too much right from the get-go, instead of starting out making sure everyone knows you're here and means business.

Roeper Hart: That would be more logical I would think...

Jake Starr: From someone who has been in his position, it isn't something you can just do overnight. No matter how much you WANT to be able to do it, and no matter how much you THINK you'd be able to pull it off, it just doesn't happen.

Roeper Hart: It would be a tall order to say the least!

Jake Starr: Yeah to say the least!

Jake takes another swig from his bottle.

Roeper Hart: What else do you see in him?

Jake Starr: Niq also did something else nobody has done since I returned to this business. He stepped up to the plate and came at me before I had a chance to come at him verbally. Talk about something new to me. And also talk about something that makes me feel even better about this opponent. For once... I don't feel like I am going against someone who doesn't give two s#its about our match. I feel like I am looking into the face of an opponent who wants to be better. I feel like Niq Kross wants to do what Jake Starr did. He wants to stand out from the pack, and make sure everyone knows he means business. Unfortunately he still remains a mystery to us all. He said it himself... Not many people around here have seen what he claims to be capable of. He speaks highly of his ability to make opponents tap out, submit, pass out, et cetera. It is kind of interesting to hear him touting his own abilities. If he, as he says, sticks to a submission style, he definitely is in for a rude awakening in this tournament. He needs to completely understand that, when you enter the world of professional wrestling, especially at this level, you can't throw all of the proverbial "eggs in one basket" like that. You can't trust that one facet of your game to carry you to greatness in this business all by itself. You need to be able to be diverse in what you can do in this business.

As Roeper takes a drink from her coffee mug, she nods.

Roeper Hart: Mmm, yeah I agree! You can't go into this business and rely solely on one thing. You end up using it as a crutch.

Jake Starr: Yeah... And every last one of us in this business has a "crutch." For some of us it may be the style we feel the most comfortable with, while others may have a certain defensive maneuver that they like to use when they get lost or confused by an opponent.

Roeper Hart: Defensive crutches too?

Jake Starr: Yeah... In fact I saw it the other day during one of those MMA pay-per views. The champion was highly feared, and highly favored, by most of his opponents. This guy he was against was touted as having far superior ju-jitsu, and when the champion was dodging the challengers attempts to take it to the ground, the challenger started going to his back, hoping for the champion to try and pounce.

Roeper Hart: What good would that have done?

Jake Starr: In a nutshell, it would have opened the champion up to making a mistake, and potentially being caught in one of the various ju-jitsu submissions. The champion realized immediately what his opponent was trying to do, and simply wouldn't bite. It lead to a highly unpopular and boring fight, but from the champion's standpoint, he was just fighting smart. The challenger was hoping to use his crutch to catch the champion off-guard, and lure him into his game. Being the dominant champion he is, he knew it, recognized it, and didn't allow himself to be suckered in.

Roeper Hart: Ah!

Jake Starr: That's why Niq really needs to diversify himself. He cannot allow himself to be so one-dimensional. I know he's going to come at me and try and make me submit, and I know that's his game PERIOD.

Roeper Hart: Do you think he may have more up his sleeve?

Jake Starr: Maybe... But if he does, and I'm able to counter it, he'll revert back to his submission game, and I'll be in control once again!

Roeper Hart: And yet you still praise him?

Jake Starr: Yeah! Like I said, for being new, he has that "it" factor you always look for. From what I've seen from some of the other newcomers, that is a rare quality.

Roeper Hart: I gotcha...

Jake Starr: And seriously... One thing about Kross I cannot commend him enough on is his heart and desire. You can hear it in his voice, and see it in his demeanor. He wants to be one of the next big things in this business. That's something this business needs. This business needs people who want to make the difference needed. He did claim, however, to have more of it than anyone else in this business. That is a claim that is pretty gutsy if you ask me. Claiming you have more heart, desire, and spirit than anyone else when you don't have the track record to show for it, I will openly challenge. We all want to be that person who displays more guts and more heart than the next person, but when you're a newcomer, that isn't something you want to just throw around all willy nilly-like. Now that's not to say you don't want to believe that in your own head. You want that type of mentality. You want to believe that you're not a quitter. But nobody, early in a career, can say they have everyone else trumped in that department. When you're a rookie, you have nothing to base such a bold claim on. Me, however, I do have a career to base claims like that on. But I don't think I trump everyone in the business. I don't think I, even, can say I am the one who superior in that way. But I do know that I do possess skills and abilities that supersede those of others in this business. I have spent the better part of my life in professional wrestling, and I have accomplished more than most. I still accept the fact I may or may not be the most determined and the one with the most heart.

Roeper Hart: I would like to think you have some of the most "heart" out there.

Jake Starr: I would too! But it isn't something I'd just haul off and claim.

Roeper Hart: How come?

Jake Starr: Because you can't measure it. You can't go out there and say...

Jake takes on a deeper "boss-like" voice.

Jake Starr: "Well Bill has 20 pounds of heart, and Bob is only exhibiting 15 pounds. Why is that?"

Jake goes back to speaking normally.

Jake Starr: It just doesn't make much sense to me.

Roeper Hart: Well if you put it like that, yeah...

Jake Starr: And also, when people claim things like that, I just feel like it is cheesy. How do you know you have the most heart? How do you know you have the most desire? You don't! All you know is that you have plenty for YOU.

Roeper Hart: Yeah...

Jake Starr: Now, if he has as much as he claims, things could get interesting that's for sure!

Roeper Hart: Very true!

Jake Starr: I will say it is rare to encounter someone who actually has as much as they claim to have, you know?

Roeper Hart: I can imagine...

Jake Starr: Oh well... If he turns out to be one of the rarities in the world, more power to him!

Roeper Hart: It would be a change from what we're used to seeing, that's for sure!

Jake veers away from the topic of Kross's heart and desire, to another major point Niq Kross had in his promo.

Jake Starr: You know... Kross also likes to speak a lot of liberation. He speaks as if he is already some kind of "God." His talk regarding being a "symbol" for the people sounds slightly religious, and "God-like." Jesus was a man who was seen as a "liberator" of people, and most importantly, seen as an "equal" to them. I understand where he is coming from. He sees himself as someone who wants to be the leader, yet remain equal to his peers. He wants to be part of the REVOLUTION, yet, ultimately, remain no better than his fellow revolter. It is a positive mentality to have. The only problem is, where are these people he leads? Where are his fellow revolters? He's too new to be talking about a REVOLUTION. He has nobody standing next to him as he marches forward in this "liberation." If he feels like he is to be part of a major "liberation" and REVOLUTION, he needs to look back to World War II. The liberation of Nazi death and work camps wasn't done by a rookie soldier hoping to grab people to their cause. It was done by veteran leadership, looking to save those who had been wronged. Should he want to help lead a similar REVOLUTION in the business of professional wrestling, he needs to look towards veteran assistantship to join him in his quest. This tournament is not the forum for the beginning of his "liberation." This tournament is a forum for the best of the best to come forward and compete. If I were him, I would take this goal of "liberation" should be geared towards his matches in SCW and Majestic away from this tournament. In this tournament, he should have one goal... Becoming the "God of Wrestling," and receiving a championship from Majestic Wrestling.

Without missing a beat, Roeper chimes in.

Roeper Hart: Does this mean I have to bow to him?

Jake Starr: Do what?

Roeper Hart: Well if he is a "God," and already "liberating" people, I figure I should be bowing to him. Not to mention groveling at his feet!

Jake Starr: If he seriously looks at himself in that manner, we all should be!

Roeper Hart: You know what else?

Jake Starr: What?

Roeper Hart: It almost reminded me of Chris Jericho's whole "Save Us Y2J" campaign.

Jake Starr: A bit, yeah...

Roeper Hart: To me it just sounds like the same thing! Well minus the completely poorly drawn out lead-up, and the complete lack of a surprise that it was...

Jake Starr: Like I said, kind of. But I don't think he's out to "Save Us" from some arbitrary person, place, or thing. I think he is merely saying everyone needs to be "saved" from the drivel that plagues wrestling.

Roeper Hart: Maybe... I just am already to the point that I expect some sort of "technical" and "binary-like" video to precede everything he says now.

Jake Starr: Nah... I don't suspect that...

Roeper decides that she is done with the "humor" parts. And begins to try and be serious with her husband regarding his match for the "God of Wrestling" tournament.

Roeper Hart: So do you think you can handle this guy? Seriously?

Jake Starr: Seriously? Yeah... I respect him and I give him his props, but when it comes down to it, Jake Starr will be the one who walks out of this match with his hand raised.

Roeper Hart: Good! I don't think you'd be upset to lose in this tournament, but I think in the first round you might be a bit perturbed.

Jake Starr: Yeah... I'm not delusional here. I know my streak will end someday. Nobody is perfect their entire career. This tournament is putting some of the best of the best in it. If I can't make it out of the first round that'll tell me a lot about me being ready for the "big time."

Roeper Hart: I hope your streak doesn't end for a while. When you're winning you're a lot happier!

Jake Starr: Well that's a big duh ha ha! Winners are ALWAYS happier than losers...

Roeper Hart: Very true!

Jake Starr: I mean... When we go to Vegas are you ever "happy" when you've just blown $50 in a slot machine?

Roeper Hart: No! They take my money!

Jake Starr: See! So you're right... I will always be happier while I'm continuing to win!

Roeper Hart: I like to think I'm ALWAYS right!

Jake Starr: Ha!

Roeper Hart: Hey!

Jake Starr: I gotta say though... I really was humored by Kross's assumption that he'll be "destroying" me when we step into the ring together. I find it funny that a man who wants people equal to him to join in his "liberation," yet sees the need to break a man down in order to build him back up. To me that completely goes against his views of being "equal" to his fellow soldiers. To me that sounds more like a totalitarian regime. To me that resembles a type of regime nobody would want to be part of. People want to join the fights for causes that they feel is good. Not one they must suffer first in order to be shown the "right way" to feel after. That's a reason I feel Niq Kross doesn't totally understand the meaning behind the cause he is wanting to be a part of. It goes back to the feeling that he needs to be a member of a REVOLUTION, yet, allow someone else to lead the charge. That doesn't mean define a true leader, but in order to ultimately be successful, someone must take command. Otherwise, what you have is a group of people all on their own with no one to provide direction. Kross is a rookie with a mentality for greatness in this business. But sadly, right now, he is frail in his abilities to be successful. His hope to dominate me in the ring is good to have, but unlikely to occur at best. The chances that Niq Kross will emerge victorious in this encounter with Jake Starr are slim to none. I WILL walk out of round one a victor. The rewards are too strong for me to not give it my all to achieve. Niq is just the unfortunate rookie who will be taken out in round one, and have his career start off on a rough note in both SCW and Majestic Wrestling.

Roeper Hart: I'm afraid his career won't begin like he'd have hoped around these parts...

Jake Starr: Around these parts eh?

Roeper Hart: Yep!

Jake Starr: Next thing you know, you'll be refering to him as a "varmit!"

Roeper Hart: Yee haw!

Jake Starr: Oh sweet Jesus...

With those final words, the scene slowly fades to black with the couple continuing to make small-talk. Jake stands ready to do his part to fight through the brackets of the tournament, and hopefully achieve his goal of being dubbed the "God of Wrestling." With Roeper now "in-the-know" regarding Jake's reasoning for entering, she now is up to speed. A tournament-format requires wrestlers to prepare differently than if it were a simple singles match. Wrestlers must focus on their immediate opponent, while at the same time preparing for different future opponents. Will Jake's veteran-status help him trudge through the brackets, and win this? Or will the youth within the tournament prevail?

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