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It seems that the world of the IWC has been enveloped by a distinct feeling of "Paranoia." Throughout the IWC locker room, there is a sense that the world could be turned upside down, should the SCW phenom, and former SCW World Champion, achieve his goal of defeating Jason Zero this coming Sunday.

Should he succeed, he will officially usher in a new era, which many were not prepared for.

But, before Sunday comes, there is today.

Today marks a day where Jake Starr looks to continue his barrage of verbal abuse on his opponent, without pulling any punches. There was a point he thought there was room for some respect for the former IWC World Champion, but that has slowly gone out the window due to reports of comments Zero has been making behind the scenes.

They're comments Jake hasn't taken too kindly to.

Nevertheless, Jake plans on using the comments as motivation going into Paranoia. He hopes to utilize Zero's overbearing sense of self-worth against him, while continuing to point out the flaws in his game. He also hopes everyone will continue to notice that, in the end, whether Zero wins or loses, he'll still continue to be the same brash, cocky, and entitled person he has been since his introduction to both organizations.

The best part is... He doesn't even realize it!

Jake Starr: As the time is growing nearer and nearer, I'm growing more and more confident as to the most likely outcome at Paranoia. It's an outcome that will ultimately shock the masses, as I have stated many times, and it is one that will put Jason "I'm An Absolute" Zero in his rightful place.

See, looking back at the last edition of Riot, and listening to everything going through the mind of the man who is simply CLAIMING a right to the IWC Championship, I realize how far away from being "ready" he is.

His mind isn't in the right place! Sure, some may argue that Zero is in the right frame of mind, but look at him. What's his sole goal? Is it to "defend his IWC Championship?"


It's far from it!

Zero is one of those guys who will openly admit what his intentions are. He'll openly admit where his head is. He flat out says the only way I became SCW Champion was because of this elaborate conspiracy! There was this behind the scenes conspiracy by the "powers that be" to push Jake Starr over and over. He basis this little theory of collusion on the fact Exeter and I had three, yes three, matches...

So with that... Let me give the world the back story. See, unlike when Jason Zero is a World Champion, mine tend to last a LONG TIME, and people tend to forget some of these things...

It began when I earned my SCW World Title shot against Exeter. When we fought, he enlisted the help of Damian Angel to come and help me "prepare" for my match with him. Next thing you know, I'm walking in a wounded man. So, I called shenanigans on the situation, and was granted a rematch. It's not like Exeter was busy! That match ended up going to a DRAW!

... Now on a side note, isn't that kind of similar to how the 2 for 1 Special supposedly ended in the eyes of Jason Zero? I mean, he's claiming we BOTH earned pinfalls, and therefore it kind of makes it a "draw-like" scenario. And with that scenario, he's been pissing, moaning, bickering, crying to people behind the scenes, and making a total ass of himself to get a shot at me.

People... Glass houses... I'm not saying "I'm just sayin'," but I'm just sayin'!

... Anyway... Back to the history lesson! So, after the draw, people wanted to know who was the clear-cut, unbiased, and superior star. So what did those conspiring to help me get to the top do? Oh yeah... They put BOTH of our belts on the line. They made us BOTH pony up, and only one of us could walk away. When the smoke cleared, guess what, I was the SCW Champion.

And at this point... Just out of curiosity... Where was Jason Zero?

OH YEAH! He was doing his part to hold up the MIDDLE of the show, because he could no longer cut it with the big boys! That's right... I remember now!

See, it was at this point that Jason Zero began his every-six-month transformation to his new persona. He went from an bow and arrow-wielding Indian, to a playboy with a sexual attraction to Tom Cruise. That's right!

He conveniently leaves these little tidbits out for everyone, when he goes on these little kicks of his.

Jake begins to chuckle to himself.

Jake Starr: ... And then on top of that, he referred to me as a THUG! Yeah... I really resemble that one!

Jake continues to laugh to himself.

Jake Starr: But another thing he has done, that really shows his true character, which isn't anything to do with chivalry, debonair, or charm, is the fact that he has tried to establish himself as a loyalist to IWC. Or at least an elitist who has the "right" to be seen in both organization.

Whichever the case... He's retarded!

See, there is no law of the land, law of the organization, or law of principle that states only CERTAIN individuals have the right to "cross the bridge" at times. See, I walked into the Special knowing this would end up being the case. I knew that, once I pinned the "Zero," I'd be expected to take on a little extra work, and defend the IWC Championship as well. I never once denied the fact I was a proud member of SCW though. I didn't deny that SCW was what resurrected my career, and therefore, where my allegiance stands when it comes to blows between organizations.

He's trying to say you can, in a sense, "have your cake, and eat it too." He wants the world to believe that only the blood that he and his long-winded, and depending on the day, kicked-out-of-the-family, brother, have that right...

... Umm...

... Hmm...

... Ok I'm lost because, haven't several people done that? Hasn't HURSE done that? Didn't Porno Lad do that too? What about Steward? Blake Mason, anyone?

Do any of those people know these rules?

EXACTLY! No... He just wants to try and justify the reasoning for the world to grovel at his feet, worship his every step, and accept that he is, somehow, superior to the world.

Jake shrugs, knowing he has proved his point.

Jake Starr: Which brings me back to where I began... His head isn't in the right place. His only goal is to simply rid IWC of Jake Starr, not to become champion, but to know that those here will continue to stroke his ego, and he won't have anyone, including his brother, to make him look bad.

Hell... He admitted it... CUE THE SOUND CLIP...

The audio from Jason Zero's recent promo, prior to Riot, is played.

Jason Zero: In order for me to rise, Jake Starr has to fall.

Jake shrugs again. This time he lifts his eyebrows as if to say, "See?"

Jake Starr: There you go! His sole concern is to be viewed as the "elite," rather than a contender. A "contender," in Zero's eyes, is someone beneath him. It's someone who doesn't deserve to breathe the same air. It's someone who, simply, is inferior.

He hopes to try and make people think that of me. He YEARNS for people to "realize" what he's been saying all along, and understand that he is the "wrestling God" that they should treasure.

It's simply not going to happen!

I don't care what Ginsu Knife he decides to stick into a rock, and pull out with the hopes people see it as some metaphor for the future. He can be like his brother, in that regard, and do these lavish and ornate skits with the hopes people look at him as some kind of Godsend.

Which is exactly where he slips up!

See... What he and his glory-hound brother need to get through their thick and mentally-unstable heads, is that you can't FORCE it on people. You can't FORCE them to see things your way, like you hope. You can't FORCE people to agree with you, and in turn, become your patsies.

In this business... In this industry... You earn it! You have to show the people, and not try and push yourself as someone deserving of their praise.

Jake lightly shuts his eyes, and sways his head back and forth in pure disgust.

Jake Starr: Some people just amaze me!

Jake takes a deep breath, and continues on.

Jake Starr: I'm proud to say I'm not like him. I came to SCW to make myself known, and make myself someone to beat. I didn't expect it to be given to me. I didn't expect it to go demand it, and have it immediately given. No... I went out and earned it. I went out with the goal of PROVING myself worthy.

Many people counted me out time and time again. Many people doubted whether or not I'd last on the SCW roster, or last as a "somebody." Hell... Before I defeated James Exeter, I was NEVER one seen as a "favorite." I was an underdog against people who aren't even in the business anymore.

Then, like a random stroke of lightning, things changed.

People began to realize I wasn't some schmuck off of the streets, and I was someone who was to be taken seriously.

Unfortunately for Zero, he hasn't learned how serious to take me.

When I walk into Paranoia, I won't be the favorite. I won't be the one those in the back hope to see win. I'm an outsider. I'm "inferior" to the IWC brand, in their eyes.

Trust me when I say, I relish the thought.

I love going into a match where nobody expects anything of me. I love knowing my back is against the wall, in the eyes of others. It's not the same as Tactical Warfare, where the situation was one that put me at a disadvantage simply by numbers sake. This is different. This is in the eyes of my peers. This is in the eyes of those who believe that someone who could dominate in SCW, couldn't do the same in IWC.

It's, in its simplest form, a challenge!

For the same reason Hurse crossed-over to SCW, I've crossed-over to IWC. I'm a proud member of the SCW roster, and I helped carry the SCW to an unprecedented victory at the 2 for 1 Special. We proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, we've reclaimed the right to call ourselves "Supreme." I'm here to remove the doubt from the minds of those who have that inkling of hope in Zero, that he'll keep IWC from having to succumb to the truth that has reared its head. The truth that SCW is, in fact, SUPREME!

So when all the talking is done, when the lights illuminate the arena, when the crowd is sitting in the parking lot just waiting for their turn to finally get on their way home, they won't be talking about how great the IWC is, and how great the show was. They're going to be talking about how shocked they are that a member of the SCW roster walked onto IWC soil, with IWC having the home court advantage, and IWC sending out its "fiercest" gladiator, was able to emerge victorious.

This is my chance to PROVE myself. This isn't a chance to show people why they should already be tickling my balls, licking my ass, jerking me off, anything. This is a chance to show people that I earn what I get. I earn my praise. I earn my respect. I don't demand it, or demean others who get it because I'm jealous. I accept it graciously, and I continue to do what I do best...

... And at Paranoia... I'll make an example out of the "Man of 1000 Names." I'll make sure he realizes he's not worthy of the praise he DEMANDS, or the respect he BELIEVES he deserves.

He'll simply be... A failure... Again!

Jake poses as he prepares for the scene to go to black. Once he thinks all is clear he begins to walk out of frame. A murmur is heard in the background, to which Jake's response is clearly picked up by the microphone.

Jake Starr: What?! ... Really?! ... A "prelude?" ... What the f_ck is a "prelude" in wrestling? ... I don't care if he thinks he's God himself, he's nobody special! ... This isn't some mini series on TBS! ... Oh God, let me see it ...

As Jake is still heard out of frame, he chuckles to himself, presumably seeing Jason Zero's promo. As the promo is vaguely heard and picked up through the microphones, Jake's snippy retorts are clear as day.

As the short "prologue" ends, Jake is clearly heard stirring behind the camera, and eventually walks back into frame.

Jake Starr: Ok... Let's continue this on... Aaaaaand... MARK!

The typical "clapper" for a television production is seen, and the director introduces the vignette as "Jake Starr IWC Promo (continued), take one... And a half I suppose," and the clapper is snapped shut. Jake wastes no time in immediately jumping back into the process of bringing his opponent down a few notches, and showing him how this business is properly done.

Jake Starr: Paranoia... A word that has been used in very high amounts lately, and yet, seemingly has lost its meaning due to the nature of its usage.

Let's look at the word "paranoia," shall we?

I think we shall!

Paranoia is a word that, by definition means, "a psychosis characterized by systematized delusions of persecution or grandeur usually without hallucinations," and also means, "a tendency on the part of an individual or group toward excessive or irrational suspiciousness and distrustfulness of others."

Among those in IWC, the latter is the one that seemingly gets the most attention, but unfortunately, many forget the first one. See, since arriving on the scene in IWC, due to the intra-promotional pay-per view, many wondered why I stuck around...

... Hell some even asked "Why are you here?"

Well, see, it's a funny story, which I have reiterated on numerous occasions, I'm bound to be here by the rules and regulations surrounding the World Champion of the Independent Wrestling Cartel. As has been stated, I won. I was the victor. I pinned the, THEN, IWC World Champion, and therefore, I won the IWC Championship. So, due to that reason, I stayed around and decided to play with the children who inhabit this roster of this "cartel."

Yes, I said it, CHILDREN! Face it... It's true! IWC is comprised of the whiny babies who didn't get their way in SCW, and figured they'd get more of whatever it is they wanted here... And most have!

Which leads to another reason I'm still here... Proving who truly is SUPREME!

Supremacy is something proven only by one manner, domination. It's something I did in SCW, which nobody ever thought a newcomer would do. Hell, it ran my opponent right out of the World Title picture over there, and low and behold, he ended up in IWC, trying to validate his very existence. In doing so, he made a vital error in calling me out from the other side of the bridge. He wasn't MAN enough to try and do it in SCW because he saw how utterly unsuccessful attempts at that very act were there.

So instead he tries it over here?


Seriously... Why?

OH I KNOW! Because he thinks maybe he can have all of the other half-wits run off by me back him up. Yeah... Frightening thought... Ok not really...

But does the thought elicit a thought of paranoia, definition number TWO, from me? Not in the least!

See, paranoia, while not exactly defined this way, gives a connotation of fear behind it. It implies that the paranoid individual is frightened, scared, and fearful of those around him. Plain and simple, I'm not. Nobody in IWC has given me a reason to be paranoid.

It's a fact!

My opponent has this mental image in his head of someone he is trying to break down. He's done everything he can to try and simplify things I've said into words his friends can understand, and hopefully convince himself that they're nothing to worry about. He's tried mocking me. He's tried saying things I do are "easy." When the truth is, it hurts him. It bothers him. It forces him to go cut "preludes," with the hopes and dreams that he may be able to pull of a "Savior-esque" promo, complete with inane cut-scenes, and erroneous smack talk, that last the length of two NORMAL segments, done by PEOPLE WHO ARE SUCCESSFUL.

Big deal!

He's tried to legitimize himself as the "supreme being" of IWC, and minimize my impact, which is fine. I don't particularly care. Quite frankly, he can be perceived as the "big shot" here all day long, but when the final bell rings, he's still the loser. He's still the one everyone will look at, can't stand, mock behind his back, and deep down, have absolutely no respect for.

He's also tried to put words in my mouth, saying things I supposedly said, which I never did. I never once claimed I was robbed. NOT ONCE! He's officially remembering something he said, REPEATEDLY, and trying to attribute it to me. And I'm the one "paranoid" here? I think not. See, when you allow this type of action to take place, and displace your emotions on others, it's a tell-tale sign of paranoia. It's one of the symptoms in the DSM-IV, which I don't expect anyone to really know about, but it's the manual that helps define psychological disorders...

But nevertheless, my opponent thinks he's in my head. He thinks that by mimicking my promos, and by trying to denounce the fact he's insulted I'm not groveling at his feet, and worshipping his existence, it's going to really make people believe he's a "master." Yes... He is a "master," but it's a "master" at sucking his own penis. Nothing else.

Jake shrugs, and grins.

Jake Starr: The best part about my half-witted opposition is that he STILL is focusing on the fact that I completely angered him with my little vignette back at the 2 for 1 Special. STILL! I haven't brought it up SINCE THEN! He is STILL steaming about it. And yet... I'm the one who is falling into the EXACT definition of "paranoia?"

Didn't the definition say, "a tendency on the part of an individual or group toward excessive or irrational suspiciousness and distrustfulness of others?" Irrational suspiciousness is what he is exhibiting. He's trying to delve as deep as he can into my psyche, and try and assume and guess what is next, which I absolutely love. I love that he's trying to figure me out OPENLY, because all it does is tells me what not to do.

It's quite, well, funny! I mean, I've called many people out on their actions. Hell, I called the "Scrapbook Sensation" out, and for the first time ever, he didn't inundate the world with photos and snippets that he thought were relevant to his inane banter. It only took him his entire career to get to this point, so I congratulate him on beginning the process of growing up!

It's either he's growing up, or he ran out of pages on Google Images... I haven't quite decided one-hundred percent!

But he also mentions the countless matches others have had, and yet I, thankfully, haven't had to go through them. Why? Well, for one, I already won the IWC Championship legitimately.

That one should be enough!

Secondly, however, the primary reason, which I happen to know for a fact, is simply because while I may not see eye to eye with your feeble management here, they understand that they don't have to require me to prove myself because I've already done it. I've already shown I'm the guy to beat, and they don't need me to run around proving it. Maybe it is the fact that my opponent, his brother, and their penis-obsessed colleague, should begin to wonder why they've had to go through the process of "proving" themselves.

Maybe management sees them as "questionable" talents?

Maybe management knows that they're not reliable in the long-run, and isn't willing to just hand them something until the SHOW they can be trusted?

All are legitimate thoughts.

All have basis in reality, although you won't hear any of them admitting to it.

See, in SCW, I went from a nobody to a somebody overnight because Daddy D realized I was the future of, then his, organization. He knew, no matter how much he loathed me, no matter how much he wished I weren't around, I would bring SCW ultimate success. So he threw me into an Adrenaline Championship match early in my career, and from then on, I earned everything I got. I earned my World Championship there, as I will the World Championship here.

But, if that doesn't happen, all that will happen in IWC, and behind the scenes for SURE, is that my opponent will run around saying, "I BEAT HIM! I BEAT HIM! LOVE ME! LOVE ME!" It won't be the utopian society he tries to portray, just like WHEN I win, it won't be some zenith of a reign of chaos. It will be the beginning of a new era in IWC. It will ultimately begin the final riddance of he and his own from the roster, thankfully, or it'll simply mean he'll take on a new name... I'm hoping for the earlier!

Jake walks over to his desk and picks up his drink. He takes a sip from the glass, and jingles the cubes of ice around inside. He lets out a satisfied "Ahh," and returns his attention to the camera.

Jake Starr: One thing I don't really understand about my opponent, is the fact that he is trying to make references to SCW, when before, he's tried to simply tell me I should stay over there. He's trying to, once again, play both sides against the middle, in the hopes of being successful on one or the other. He's trying to play himself up to both sides, also hoping that both support him in this battle, yet still will openly downplay the opposite side of the one he is representing!

I swear I once heard him say how he was going to prove he was the best in SCW, and lead it into a new era too... It was almost like, that day, SCW was more important. Wow... What a difference the World Championship, of whichever federation he's lucky enough to be included in, makes!

And also it's funny how SCW was once what he called "his turf," and today, it's IWC.

This guy is, well, the equivalent to the character Benny in The Mummy. He's loyal to whoever gives him money.

No wonder nobody likes him!

But thankfully, for me, he'll be exploited at Paranoia, because I know deep down, he's the one who is paranoid. He is the one who is trembling. He is the one who is SCARED SH!TLESS that he's not going to win the World Championship, and be another person suffering defeat at the hands of Jake Starr. It's literally driving him MAD!

He's thinking he's King Arthur for Christ's sake! I swear, the next time he opens his yap, he's going to give us the whole spiel on how he came to own Excalibur, and explain why he is "king..."

The Lady of the Lake, her arm clad in the purest shimmering samite, held aloft Excalibur from the bosom of the water signifying by Divine Providence that I, Arthur, was to carry Excalibur. That is why I am your king!

Jake Starr: Which we all know that strange women, lying in ponds, is no basis for a system of government!

Jake begins to laugh.

Jake Starr: Seriously! Where does the wrestling world come up with these characters? Who is the one sitting back and suggesting these "personas" to these B-role actors?

It's honestly comical!

Jake continues to laugh openly at his opponent's typical, made up, storyline.

Jake Starr: HA HA HA HA HA!

Jake finally begins to calm himself down, and keep his laughing to a dull roar.

Jake Starr: Oh well... It is, what it is!

My opponent is bring his pretend self to Paranoia with the hopes and dreams of winning, which I admire. Really! I admire people aspiring to be something special. I just usually expect those people to understand what is really feasible versus what isn't.

He doesn't!

He thinks he is capable of standing on the face of the Earth, extending his hand, and touching the Moon. He thinks he's that damn good, and that damn skilled.

He isn't!

He honestly walks into everywhere he goes saying how brilliant he is, how wonderful he is, and never backs it up. He's lost to me TWICE already. He flat out said he was going to become SCW World Champion TWICE, beating ME! It didn't happen, and he has the audacity to say what he says here? What's the basis? Honestly?

Oh that's right... None!

Jake immediately exits the frame, and dissappears as the screen completely fades to black.


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