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"Crossing Over" was once a television show where psychic-medium, John Edward, would go about channeling the spirits of relatives for people in the audience. He would begin to get these feelings from the spirit world, and it would guide him to the person whose relative it was, and ultimately shed light on the fact the deceased was in a much better place, feeling no pain, wishing for their living brethren to go about their lives with the happy memories and not sadness, missing their family, etc., for about an hour each day after the daily soap operas. It was a magnificent tool in helping people cope with the losses of loved ones, and was ultimately, and most likely a scam...

... And better yet, has no relevance to Jake Starr, or his upcoming match in the Independent Wrestling Council.

The title does, however.

Jake is walking into a world he has never seen in its pure form before. He is walking into an OFFICIAL pay-per view for the IWC, and walking in with the hopes and desires to emerge victorious, and OFFICIALLY lay claim to the IWC's most prestigious honor, the World Championship.

Standing in his way is a man who has emerged as one of many to have a claim to the title, and is also the last person accepted to be the outright IWC World Champion, Jason Zero.

The two have created quite a history in the two months they have been repeatedly crossing paths.

It began at the 2 for 1 Special, where they fought tooth and nail, and ultimately both scored pinfalls, causing a dispute for who is the rightful owner of the IWC Championship, regardless of the fact Jake was proclaimed the OFFICIAL winner. This anticipated confrontation grew as Starr and Zero stood on opposing sides in the ominous Tactical Warfare match, where Jake and his team emerged victorious, yet Jake's reign as SCW World Champion came to an end.

Nevertheless, this battle with Zero promises to be an epic war.

Both men are looking to define themselves as "the guy" to beat in this business, and know that a victory over the other will continue to nudge them closer to that moniker. Both men were once there, and crave to have that become a term associated with their career again.

The only question that truly lingers revolves around Jake, and his future in this industry.

Throughout the past month, Jake has been embattled with some inner turmoil, sending doubt among his peers in the wrestling world about his desire to continue wrestling past the next two pay-per views. He's been asked on numerous occasions whether or not he's actually retiring, or just putting an end to the Social Misfits group, and has creatively answered, yet dodged, each attempt to garner an answer.

It has become a situation that has many wondering if he really is focused on, what some presume, are his last two matches in professional wrestling. Some people have even said they expect him to lose, and merely drift off into oblivion, while others wonder if his goal is to win, and retire "on top."

If this whole situation plays a factor into Jake's performance, one has to wonder what it'll do for the legacy he leaves behind. If he were to win, and leave, would people believe that he's simply scared to continue on? Would it put him into a category where everyone sees him as a champion with an asterisk by his name? These are legitimate questions surrounding the former SCW World Champion going into Paranoia and Taking Hold of the Flame.

Regardless... Jake has promised to bring his "A-game" to both events, and do everything possible to achieve the success he has strived for in each of his matches he has fought in thus far. If he successfully delivers on that promise, it's hard to argue that his legacy won't be that of shear dominance, regardless of the next step he elects to take in his life.

But for now, it's full-steam ahead, directly at Jason Zero.

As the camera fades in, Jake is seen pacing back and forth, with his eyes firmly glued to the camera lens, that's filming him. He's been patiently waiting for the red light to come on, so he can begin speaking, and doesn't want a moment of time wasted.

As the red light illuminates, Jake stops, and grins. He loosens his neck up, and glares deep into the eyes of those watching, and begins to open his mind and his mouth up towards Jason Zero, the IWC, and the world watching at home.

Jake Starr: I have officially entered, what could be, one of, if not THE most successful month of, not just my life, but my entire wrestling career. It's a month that, to a degree, I've been looking forward to. It has the potential to, once again, grace my waist with not just ONE, but TWO championship belts, in TWO separate organizations.

Roughly two months ago, this whole saga began. It began when Supreme Championship Wrestling, once again, decided to go into battle against its "sister" promotion, the Independent Wrestling Cartel. The two agreed to meet in battle at an event dubbed, the 2 for 1 Special. It pitted four of the top superstars from each promotion...

Ok well two of the top superstars, but it was billed as four...


These TWO superstars represented the World Champions of their respective brands, and each walked in with an equal opportunity to achieve greatness that only one man, that I'm aware of, has ever been able to achieve. Should one of those World Champions achieve a pinfall over the other, they become the new World Champion of the pinned-champion's respective brand.

So what happened that night? What was the outcome of the 2 for 1 Special? It's simple... Jake Starr pinned Jason Zero!

Now we have the wonderful world of the caveat!

Apparently, between the owners of the respective brands, they feel that, even though I did pin Jason Zero, which was the required condition for the IWC Championship to change hands, he was able to drape his little paw over the fattest lump of sh!t in the wrestling business, and therefore somehow deserves a say in being the IWC Champion, still?

It's one of those situations you really just want to smack yourself in the side of the head a couple of times, hoping it finally makes sense.

I mean, the rules stated, for a belt to change hands, the champion had to be pinned. I pinned Jason Zero. Therefore, by following the set rules upon the contract I signed, I should have been officially declared the World Champion of BOTH IWC and SCW, officially making Christian Savior an even bigger, whiny, titty-baby, because he was no longer the only one to hold both championships simultaneously.

But instead of the OBVIOUS thing happening, let's just build it up a little, and give everyone a reason to come out and say they're the one who is deserving of the World Championship!

What? It happened!

Right after the 2 for 1 Special, Christian Savior decided to parade around, and SOMEHOW try and validate his claim that he was the rightful owner of the IWC World Championship. I swear it had something to do with he and his brother fighting over their mother's teat. Next thing you know this... This... Oh how can I describe Porno Lad accurately?

... OH YEAH!

... This NOBODY decides to run in, attack the world, and say he's somehow entitled to the IWC Championship as well!

Talk about a crowded house! I mean, it went from the man who was IWC Champion entering the pay-per view, and the man who pinned his shoulders to the mat for three seconds arguing, to four guys, two of which have the delusions of grandeur about simply being in a match with two guys who are far superior to them.

It honestly turned into a veritable cluster-f_ck from hell!

Thankfully, I was able to just ride the wave of the IWC cluster-f_ck, knowing it would all eventually come to a head. I knew that one day it I would get the call that the guy running IWC, whatever his name is, was finally ready to risk his ass on an SCW powerhouse coming into his back yard, and making a mockery of his "prized talent."

And ladies and gentlemen, that day has arrived!

Jake looks into the camera, smirks, and cocks his right eyebrow.

Jake Starr: After leaving Tactical Warfare, my cell phone rang saying the time had come for Jake Starr to, once again, grace the halls of the IWC locker room, and make my presence felt. I also was told which of the cast of characters I'd be facing to officially prove I was the legitimate World Champion of the IWC.

And let me tell you... The giddiness in this character is something to behold!

See, right after the 2 for 1 Special, I started getting phone calls, text messages, fruit baskets, male strip-O-grams (why that was sent I haven't quite ciphered), and cheesy Hallmark greeting cards, saying how excited this man was knowing we were inevitably going to face one another.

I'm dead serious!

The guy was doing this happy dance about facing me, which in and of itself is pretty much creepy!

But all-in-all, I guess I can see why he was so elated to finally face me one on one, man to man, mano y mano.

It's simple, really...

... He hopes to prove to the world that he hasn't been eclipsed as "the guy" of these two organizations. He hopes to prove that everyone who has slowly begun to realize I am the STANDARD for what talent should aspire to be, is wrong for not bestowing that honor upon him.

It's not about title belts. It's not about being considered the "World Champion" of one organization or another. It's not about proving the supremacy of SCW or IWC. For this man, it's all about ego.

Think about it... Think about what he represented before I came around. Not just in IWC, not just in SCW, but everywhere in this business. This man was the BENCHMARK for what people wanted to be. Hell... He and his brother have had COUNTLESS battles over who truly is the superior one. On one hand... A guy who, in SCW alone, held the World Championship on SEVEN different occasions. On the other hand, the man who, like I said, holds the honor of being World Champion in both SCW and IWC concurrently.

The egos of these two have forced them to believe they're superior to the other.

But... Then walks in Jake Starr. Then enters a guy out of left field, goes on a man tear through EVERYONE set in his path, with fewer slip-ups than both of them. They begin to realize their monopoly over the "praise" distributed by their peers is waning. They begin to try and curb it by being assholes behind the scenes, then try and do it in the ring, and both of them have failed miserably.

Jake begins to pace back and forth, keeping his eyes glued to the lens of the camera, and imagining it's the eyes of his opposition staring right back at him.

Jake Starr: But it isn't about them both, it's only about one of those ego-driven maniacs.

Jake stops in his tracks, and points directly at the camera.

Jake Starr: It's about you Jason Zero!

In these past couple of months, I've heard CONSTANTLY about how the world wants to see Jake Starr and Jason Zero face-off one on one. The world is awaiting the opportunity to see the two "best of the best" square off, and determine who is truly better than the other.

Here's your chance Jason... Here's your big chance!

Since I pinned your shoulders to the mat, I know you've been bitching and moaning just like your brother. Neither of you is ANY different from the other. You both want to be known as the "top cock" of the industry, and when someone comes in to take your thunder, you get pissed off!

... And even more intriguing is the fact that, should that someone come in, steal your thunder, and eclipse you, you panic. Your only way to get the attention back on yourself is to reinvent yourself.

Think about it folks... Think about Jason Zero, Jason Wheeler, Kevin Mask, The Phantom, et al. Think about when all of the name changes occurred throughout history. When Kevin Mask became Jason O'Grady "The Happy-Go-Lucky Irishman," he had just lost the SCW World Championship. THEN... He loses it again, figures maybe O'Grady wasn't as good of an idea after all, switches back to Kevin Mask, wins the World Championship, and promptly loses it again. Then, surprise, surprise, Kevin Mask becomes the mysterious Phantom!

A cheesy thunder and lightning effect illuminates the room Jake is in. Jake ducks, apparently not knowing the effect was coming. When he realizes it was just a one of the stagehands, behind the camera, flickering the lights, and another playing a thunder sound effect from an old 80s boom box, Jake laughs.

Then, another stagehand runs through the scene with a white sheet over his head, with the two eyes cut out, and making cheesy ghost noises.

Jake Starr: Ladies and gentlemen... I present... The Phantom!

The cheesy ghost-actor continues "boo-ing" around Starr, and making comments suggesting he is, in fact, Jason Zero, and doing everything he can to intimidate him.


Jake grabs the sheet and rips it off of the man's head, who is easily revealed as someone other than Jason Zero.

Stagehand: AHHH!! Pay no attention to the man behind the sheet!

The stagehand slinks out of frame, and Jake throws the sheet to the ground.

Jake Starr: ... Anyway... Where was I?

Jake looks down at the sheet on the ground.

Jake Starr: ... Ah yes! The Phantom!

Jake resumes pacing back and forth.

Jake Starr: The Phantom was his most successful character at the time, amassing a World Championship reign of, brace yourself, THREE MONTHS! But, he then lost it, as expected, and guess what happens next?

Jake pauses and looks at the camera awaiting a reply.

Jake Starr: C'mon... You know you want to?



The guy did what he's done every time he's lost, with the exception of the Jason "I'm An Indian Outlaw" Wheeler gimmick. That one, at least, he stayed with for a couple of years. It actually shocked the masses I'm told. When he lost his first World Championship as Wheeler, everyone expected a new pair of undies to be brought out, along with a new name. When he didn't, he shocked the masses!

... Now, does everyone see the point here? The guy is starved for attention, and is desperate enough to do anything, and everything, possible to get more attention from anyone who'll be kind enough to give it to him. He realized that by doing a hodge-podge of names, people would always be giving him attention, wondering exactly what name and persona he may come up with next.

Jake waves the camera closer, and the camera begins to zoom in on him.

Jake Starr: Isn't that right Jason? Isn't that true about you? You don't like seeing others getting the praise and appreciation you feel YOU deserve. You, instead, try and minimize it, by playing it off like it's not right to single one person out. You, instead, try and deflect it from the person because you feel you're more rightful to it than that person.

You're not!

Yeah, you're getting your wish of facing me one on one for the IWC Championship. Truthfully, I am to the point where I didn't care who I faced. The more and more I research you and what you've done to the fans and people in this industry, I'm more and more disgusted with the fact you actually see yourself in a league with the true greats.

But... Since you are the one who's going to give me my first OFFICIAL IWC Championship, I'll be happy to rain on your parade. I know how much this match means to you. I know how much you crave the right to say, "I beat Jake Starr, now why don't you all show me the respect I deserve." I know how much you want to be the one who feels superior to your brother, since he's failed every time he's tried his luck against me.

None of that will be the result.

I'm going into this match knowing what the end result will be. This match, no matter what happens afterwards with my career, or my life, is one I have a renewed desire to pull out all the stops to win.

I'm not going to let you have your little self-entitled parade where you get to brag about what you accomplished. I'm not going to give you the ability to look at your pathetic brother and say "Ha ha! Look what I did!" Why? Because I want you both to realize how DONE you both are. Your days as the "standard" for this industry have passed, and it's time to move on.

For Savior, it means making up a new intergalactic story that nobody will ever hear or see.

For you... Most likely it means creating YET ANOTHER new character. Maybe one where you wear a mask, pretend your from Mexico or Japan, and dance around the ring...

The camera man apparently begins to talk to Jake, although his voice isn't heard.

Jake Starr: ... Really? It's been done already? Christopher Daniels was Curry Man? Seriously?

The camera nods.

Jake Starr: ... Sh!t he wouldn't care! He's unoriginal enough!

Jake's expression immediately changes, showing he's gotten an obvious idea.

Jake Starr: I'VE GOT IT! I know what he can do next! It's brilliant, and I hope he runs with it.

See, he can try and shorten his appearance, and call himself Thomas Mapother IV. Sounds regal huh? Then he could gallivant around, making dog sh!t movies, and eventually convert to the Church of Scientology, jump on couches, and sound like a complete loon!

IT'S GENIUS! Maybe we'll get lucky and he'll do it before Paranoia!

Trademark it!


Jake begins pacing again.

Jake Starr: Zero... I hope, for your sake, you understand what you're walking into when this all rolls around. I hope you understand that, I've got nothing to lose. If you beat me, which you won't, it'll only be one time. It won't change the fact that I have completely taken over SCW, and soon to be IWC, and established myself as THE GUY out there.

See, you and I have been in two matches, thus far, where we've not just been against one another one on one, but there have been other parties involved too.

Both times, you lost! Both times, I was on the winning side of the equation...

... And even more importantly, the first time, I pinned you! Remember that? Remember what began this whole cavalcade of events?

That's right! Your luck!

Now you are forced to look at me face to face, and try and show the world you're not yesterday's news. You're forced to walk out against Jake Starr, the best, of the best, of the best, and pray that you stun the world.

Your luck won't do it again for you this time. Your luck won't be able to salvage you ANY claim to ANY championship out there.

Your luck, has simply run out!

... And that is ultimately why you will falter, and you will lose. You'll wake up from being unconscious wondering why you hear the crowd who, once, cheered you, now cheering on Jake Starr in one of his, possibly, final moments. You'll wonder why and how. You'll plead with the referee saying he made a mistake. You'll argue I cheated. You'll throw a temper tantrum in the locker room...

... And then... It'll sink in!

It'll sink in that you really have simply been outclassed, and outmatched, by the superior athlete, and wrestler. You'll realize your days amongst the elite have come to an end. It'll be hard. I once thought I faced that same ordeal. I can relate. It's not fun! Fortunately for me, it wasn't the end, at the time, for me. It was merely a time at which I needed a break.

Maybe that'll be the best course of action for you too? Maybe it's time you go away for a while, make a new character, and come back. Maybe then, people will give you attention in the "OH MY GOD HE'S BACK," and you can hope for them to felate your imaginary penis too?

I don't care truthfully! All I know is that these fans deserve better than someone who's out to simply be seen as the best, rather than proving it. All I know is I'm tired of some of the "old guard" of both of these organizations thinking they deserve everything handed to them simply because they've been around forever, and people should recognize that.

Life doesn't work that way anymore kid! This isn't a "Good-ole-boy" system, like it may have been in the past. With 2010, comes a dawning of a new age. And ultimately, with that new age comes a new OFFICIAL champion of SCW and IWC, and guess what...

For one... It isn't you!

For two... It IS Jake Starr!

As Jake echoes his final thoughts he stops, and begins to stare the camera down one final time. The camera begins to zoom in tighter and tighter on the determined eyes of the, arguably, official World Champion of the IWC.

As the scene begins to fade out on the tight shot of his stare, the anticipation begins to build leading up to his inaugural match within the walls of the IWC. The question of "Will we see Jake Starr as the World Champion, officially?" begins to spiral through the minds of the fans, and fellow competitors.

In the mind of Jake Starr, he is the champion. This match is his first defense. This match, to him, is the concrete proof of his emergence as the "top dog," in professional wrestling, and the match he hopes will fully cement his name into history.

This is definitely a moment in time where nobody would wish to be Jason Zero, or have to see Jake Starr standing across from them. The drive he plans on bringing will be obvious from the get-go, and be something Jason Zero NEVER expected.

He also knows a victory here will give him added momentum when he "Crosses Over," back to SCW, and attempts to regain the SCW Championship he lost in heartbreaking fashion at Tactical Warfare.


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