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When the world last saw Jake Starr, he was in front of 5000-plus screaming San Angeloans. He was addressing his match that is coming up at ACW's Monday Mayhem. This match is no ordinary match... It is against the "crème dé la crème" of ACW. It is against Rob "Shady" Hardy. Many of the ACW superstars wondered if Rob Hardy would counter Jake's promo with one of his own. Many hoped that the Stars and Stripes Heavyweight Champion would live up to the reputation he has for himself. Those fans were not disappointed. Just the other day, Rob Hardy cut his first promo against his opponent this Monday. He was quick to lash out at his opponent, and make himself very clear that he was NOT backing down. The fans of both of these superstars are split over who to cheer for, and who to jeer for. The intensity leading up to this contest is immeasurable. Nobody knows who will prevail. Will it be the man who has already solidified himself as one of the ACW's greatest wrestlers ever, Rob Hardy? Or will it be the wrestling veteran who is making his ACW debut, Jake Starr? Jake Starr knows that this match could be the key to his future and longevity here in ACW. A win would put him in the driver's seat for a Stars and Stripes Title match. While a loss could completely drop him to the bottom of the ACW charts, causing him to climb that proverbial ladder and make a reascention in the rankings. Will Jake have a reply for the Stars and Stripes Champion? Or will Rob Hardy be quick and cut another promo before a rebuttal can be made?

The camera fades in outside Bailey's Sports Bar & Grill, in San Angelo, TX. As is very customary at Bailey's, there are very few parking spots open for those who may want to come and join the fun. The camera slowly zooms in on the door that marks the entrance to Bailey's. Right as the camera is about to seemingly run lens first into the door, the door opens up and the camera makes its way inside. The camera scans the bar seeing various San Angeloans, as well as college students from Angelo State, enjoy their evening at the bar. As the camera pans back to the left, in the back room Jake Starr is seen wielding a pool cue in his hand. He has his usual grin upon his face. The camera watches as Jake Starr approaches the billiards table and takes a shot. Out from behind one of the blind spots comes Bane. Some local wrestling fans are joining the two superstars in a game of pool. The camera slowly begins to approach the two. As the camera moves in closer, the roar of the bar slowly dims and the voices of Bane and Jake Starr become audible. It is easily realized that Jake Starr is focused on Rob Hardy, even though he is seemingly enjoying himself.

Jake Starr: I'm shocked... No wait... Impressed! That's the word! That's the word that describes my feelings about the man who lives in the "Shady" bush, under his pimp's d!ck, and the man who is also my opponent for Monday, Rob Hardy, coming out and actually growing the testicular matter to try and dish out a few comments towards me. That shows me that Rob Hardy truly has no brains to go along with his total lack of morals. None the less... The guy has some guts. He is stepping out in front of the liberal media, who has always taken good care of me, and confessed that he is an avid drug user and male prostitute. How is this man still out on the streets? Guess the "law dogs" that he is around agreeing that he gives good head... That or he dresses up like a woman unless he is cutting a promo. Regardless... The guy is a shmuck! The guy prances around in his Victoria's Secret nighty, claiming he is some sort of "serious competitor", and gets away with it? Damn times have sure changed. Again... None the less... He still is stuck with meeting me in the ring, on Monday, at Mayhem. A sad misfortune on his part. Or... He could interpret it as a wondrous occasion that he is being blessed that I have selected him as my first victim here in ACW. The guy seems to be a master of misconstruing things so I wouldn't put it past him to totally screw up what I just said... Either that or he'll be too stoned to remember it. Honestly... How can ANYONE here take this guy seriously? Honestly? The guy probably has more drugs in his system than Keith Richards. Now that's an accomplishment! I will not hesitate to applaud that feet. I also am willing to bet that when he approaches a dealer hoping to buy some of the guy's stash... The dealer acts like the Asian owner of the Sizzler when a fat woman walks in... "No! You no welcome here... You eat entire buffet!". Although his dealer just looks at him... And begins shaking his head. I can almost guarantee that if you told Rob Hardy that he could get high flying a kite, he'd have Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, Toys 'R Us, and Kay Bee Toys's stock of kits purchased by the end of the day. He's that f_cking dumb. I bet him and Toby Keith share a dealer... And I bet that dealer could sell those two stoners rock salt and they'd find some kinky, hideous, sexual, manner to get high with each other. That... Or they'd get each other "high" and smoke some pole! Hey don't act like you haven't wondered these things... I just have the guts to say them aloud!

After hearing Jake's opening monologue, Bane quickly chimes in with his two cents.

Bane: I hear you bro... I honestly didn't expect the guy to ever respond.

Jake Starr: Talk about a shock to my ears. I was expecting him to tuck his boyfriend's d!ck between his legs and run.

The sexual joke made by Jake amuses the fans who are shooting pool along side the brothers.

Jake Starr: You like that comment eh?

Fan #1: Yeah... It was amusing!

Jake Starr: I have this knack for making dumb @$$es like him look like a fool just by degrading his character.

Bane: Yeah... My brother does have the ability to get under the skin of almost anyone he comes in contact with.

Jake Starr: Well that is... IF I decide I want to get under their skin.

Bane: True...

Jake Starr: Otherwise I can make them love me too. Those are the benefits of having a degree in Psychology.

Fan #1: I'll be honest and say this... Before you came along I was a big Rob Hardy fan. I mean he totally seemed like the "coolest" guy around.

Jake Starr: And now...?

Fan #1: Well... Now I just see him as kind of a joke. I always thought he was cool for openly doing drugs and having lots of sex.

Jake Starr: Now you realize that he's just a fool and will one day be in prison?

Fan #1: Basically...

Jake Starr: All I know is... Once I get a hold of his @$$... He'll wish the drugs could heal wounds too!

Bane: And once you beat Rob Hardy on Monday you'll have a case for a Stars and Stripes Title match...

Jake Starr: And from there...

Bane: Once you beat his @$$ for the second time, and become the OFFICIAL Stars and Stripes Champion, we'll be the two top wrestlers in ACW.

Jake Starr: And you know what my brother...?

Bane: What's that?

Jake Starr: We would officially have reclaimed our thunder in NO TIME at all.

Bane: Exactly!

Jake steps up to the table and takes another shot. He sinks a pretty shot into one of the corner pockets. The conversation continues...

Jake Starr: Bro I have got a question...

Bane: Ok... Go ahead...

Jake Starr: This guy is a stoner... Should I be worried that he may get the munchies and go "Mike Tyson" on my ear?

The wise crack causes chuckles in the fans once again.

Bane: I'd be more afraid he may try to go "Inmate Mike Tyson" on your @$$ if you ask me.

Upon hearing that comment, the one fan that has been sitting down and just observing falls out of his chair in hysteria.

Fan #1: Now that wouldn't be pretty!

Jake Starr: Oh hell no it wouldn't! I don't want some fudge-packing, pole smoker even trying to do that. Maybe I should hire an attorney to make sure there is no sexual harassment against me in this match.

Bane: Good idea my brother!

Jake quickly shifts the mood to a more serious matter... But still concerning his match.

Jake Starr: In all honesty... I plan on going out there and competing like I'd never left the ring.

Bane: And I'm going to be training with you rigorously in order to make sure you're ready.

Jake Starr: There you go being the older brother again...

Bane: Hey... I've just gone by your word about being 100%. I haven't seen it for myself.

Jake Starr: True... But you will have nothing to fear. I will dispose of this pecker head in a quick fashion. Even if I'm not at 100%... He couldn't beat me regardless.

Bane: Just don't underestimate him Jake. Don't let down your guard! You remember what happened when you did that with Jesse!

Jake slams his cue down on the table and his face turns beat red. It is obvious that what Bane just said struck a nerve with his younger brother.

Jake Starr: You know that is a touchy subject Bane...

Bane: But it's true bro! You let down your guard and Jesse stabbed you in the back. And once your guard returned remember what happened to him?

Jake's fury quickly turns to a cocky, demented, evil, snicker.

Jake Starr: You're damn-f_cking-right I remember what happened to that pathetic piece of garbage. He was sentenced to a life of purgatory on the shelf. His career was f_cking ended thanks to Agent oo6 and me.

Bane: Exactly!

Jake Starr: And wasn't I 100% then?

Bane: Jake... It was 2-on-1. You and Agent slaughtered him. I don't know what you're capable of in singles competition.

Jake Starr: It's simple my brother... I'm capable of the EXACT SAME THING!

Bane: I hope so...

Jake Starr: You know... Mentioning Jesse's name puts Rob Hardy in a whole new prospective. I'll just imagine Jesse and beat him within an inch of his life.

Bane: That's the intensity I want to hear.

Jake Starr: And that's the intensity that Rob "Shady" Hardy is going to get!

Bane: Then he doesn't stand a chance!

Jake Starr: Damn right he doesn't!

Jake again slightly modifies the topic, this time talking more about the promo that Hardy cut earlier.

Jake Starr: I still can't get over that promo...

Bane: What about it?

Jake Starr: Just the fact that he did it... I expected him to cower and run away!

Bane: It probably would have been a better idea.

Jake Starr: Yeah... But what common sense do stoners have anyway?

Bane: That is true!

Jake Starr: How many times have you heard of an openly gay, drug addict, who actually makes good decisions in life?

Bane: Yet another good point!

Jake Starr: So you see... He is a bonafied MORON!

Bane: I would have to agree with that!

Fan #1: He is under a delusion that he has what it takes...

Jake Starr: It's good to know that others understand that it is simply a delusion.

Bane: Once he enters the ring with you again... He'll realize that he poses no threat to you.

Jake Starr: Yeah... He'll realize that he is no match for Jake Starr OR the Brothers in Blood.

Bane: He downplays our united front that we present. He believes it does not work to our advantage.

Jake Starr: Then there again... He is in for a shock!

Fan #1: Hey guys... Look!

The fan points to one of the televisions overlooking the pool table. All of the men glance up at it and see the local news about to air the promo cut earlier by Rob "Shady" Hardy.

Jake Starr: Hey... Someone turn that up! I want to hear this mess again!

A person standing near the television increases the volume so that everyone in the vicinity can hear. The camera gets a close up of Jake's eyes, which are firmly planted on the television. The seriousness and focus that lie within his eyes is unmistakable. Jake glares at the television very succinctly, and as the promo finishes, Jake begins to nod repeatedly.

Bane: Bro... What is it?

Jake Starr: It's time my brother. It's time for me to do what I do best.

Bane: What you do best?

Jake Starr: Yes... It is time for me to lash out at Rob Hardy with what I can dish out. It's time for him to hear what I have to say.

Fan #1: Oh hell yeah!

Bane: Well... If you want to lash out... Damnit bro... DO IT!

Jake Starr: You're damn right I will!

Jake and Bane setup the chairs like they want so that Jake can officially cut his first "official" promo towards Rob Hardy. The two fans stand at the sides of the two superstars as they both sit down. The crowd from the bar begins to congregate around the superstar, so that they may hear what he has to say. Jake surveys the situation... Looks directly at the camera for the first time... And begins to speak out towards Rob "Shady" Hardy.

Jake Starr: You know... I think it is time for me to do something that I know I do best... Rebuttal! You see, Rob Hardy decided to take it upon himself to flap his gums towards me. The only problem is... When stoners try to talk sh!t they fail miserably. Why? Because they are nothing but brainless, mindless, nit-wits who think they are the most intelligent homosapiens on the planet. Rob Hardy makes one of the prime examples of that right from the beginning of his little "intelligent" promo. Rob, you claim that you are not as illiterate as some people may think... Well son I'm sorry that is a load of crap. Why do I say that? Because you're a retarded pot head that's why. You've burned too many brain cells to date to be literate in any sense of the word. You think that just by keeping up with the "political sh!t" going on, you're smart? HA! Any couch potato can sit back and watch Fox News. Hell the Fox News Channel is for people like you. It was made so any "Joe Schmo" can plop his fat @$$ in front of the television and hear the news on a 2nd grade level. Now I know that even at a 2nd grade level, things can get confusing for you. I know that deep inside your tar laden heart, you may think you're God's holy gift to professional wrestling... Well I'm sorry son... You're not! You're far from it. Why is that the case? Simple... You have no talent. What you are failing to realize, Hardy, is that you're a mid-card talent AT BEST! You will NEVER amount to anything more than that. You are a pathetic excuse for a wrestler and you don't deserve to even call yourself a professional wrestler. Another prime example is the fact that you are discrediting me. You are blowing me off thinking that I am no threat to your reign here in ACW. It's a sad thing to see... But it is a fact. You are assuming that I am no match for the great, Rob "Shady" Hardy... You're assuming that I don’t know what I'm getting myself into. What you don't understand is the joke is on you. You don't understand what you're getting yourself into. All you think is that I'm another guy who is hoping to make myself famous. Well by thinking that, you'll be digging your own grave. I am EXTATIC that you don't think I belong in this match. Because when I beat you in that ring, when you hear that referee's hand hit the mat for the count of three, I'll have a STRONG case for a Stars and Stripes Heavyweight Title match. That is a prime reason why you should take me seriously.

There is a big roar from the crowd behind Jake Starr. Bane remains focused on the camera, not letting the emotion of the crowd effect him. Jake gets a slight smirk on his face, and is pat on the shoulder by a couple of the fans. He is handed a glass of water, and quickly chugs it all down. He spikes the glass on the floor of the bar, shattering it with a loud glass shattering thud. He smirks again, faces the camera, and continues...

Jake Starr: Rob it is sad to watch you mistakenly not listen to me. You are disregarding the fact that you are being openly warned by me. You're being warned of what YOU have gotten into. You are being openly warned on what to expect when you enter that ring with me. Instead what do you do... You brush it off. You brush it off like you don't respect me... Heh... Speaking of respect... You claim that since I attacked you NOT ONCE... BUT TWICE... I don't have any respect for this business. You claim I have no integrity? What is your definition for respect and integrity Rob? You must have some sick, twisted, and perverse definition son. Because last time I checked... Condoning drug use... Condoning promiscuous sex... Condoning DELINQUINT BEHAVIOR like you put out was disrespectful. You are the one who lacks integrity Rob. You talk about how I don't deserve my Lifetime Achievement Award... Well in the company that you mentioned... You're right. Quick question... Who is Bruno Summito? I've never heard of him... I've heard of Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, but never a Bruno Summito. OH WAIT... I know... The brain cells you've killed made you forget that the legend's name is Bruno Sammartino. Why should I even expect you to get that right? Anyway... In that illustrious company no I don't deserve an award... But in the company that I wrestled with... Grew up with... Trained with... I do deserve it. You see I have wrestled with the greats. I've wrestled Agent oo6, Lucifer "Chamber" Cain, Kremlin, I've wrestled them all. I've been in the company of Ignatius Lisieux, Ian English, Tony Rolo, Tony Zatarok... I've been around the block and back again rookie. This sport runs DEEP within my veins. The blood that flows through my veins is the same blood that ran through the veins of the forefathers of our industry. But it is NOT... And I repeat NOT... The blood that flows within your veins. The perverse world in which you have fabricated with the use of mind altering substances is NOT where the forefathers of our business laid the groundwork for you to be in. They never wanted to see delinquents like you gracing the squared-circle. You claim to love the fans... All you are doing is poisoning them. Trying to make them believe that a lifestyle such as yours is to be tolerated. Well I'm sorry b!tch-stick... It's not! I am going to be MORE than happy to deliver a rude awakening to you this Monday.

Jake begins to shake his head.

Bane: What is it bro?

Jake continues...

Jake Starr: I just continue to be amazed... No really... Rob "Shady" Hardy continues to prove my theories wrong about the levels of stupidity that a human brain can reach. I always assumed there was a cap on just how f_cking retarded people could sound. I mean Rob Hardy actually believes anyone can achieve what I have. I'm sorry Hardy... Not anyone can. What proof do I have? Simple... You haven't! And you're under the delusion that you are a "somebody" so therefore your theory about me has now been proven false. But... You did shock me when you openly admitted to getting your @$$ kicked on multiple occasions. You will never be the best around Rob. You can admit that you aren't the best right now... But you just need to admit that you'll NEVER be the best. I've been the best Rob. I've been on that pedestal... I've looked down on everyone else. It's a feeling that can fuel anyone's ego 100 times over. And you know what Rob... You'll never know the feeling of being number one and just having it ripped out from under you at the drop of a hat. You'll never feel the pain... The agony... The anguish of knowing that you weren't able to continue a legacy that you built up with your own blood, sweat and tears. I know what that's like Rob. It's a feeling that can depress even the most naturally depressed human being. Rob you have no idea what I've come from... You have no idea what I have had to put myself through in order to reclaim my ability to wrestle. But you will... I WILL put you through the pain and agony I had to sustain. I will make you realize what I had to go through in order to get back to my old self. You may try... You may try your damnedest in order to beat me. Well I hope you realize that your best will never be good enough. Vince Lombardi was right... But the fact is... Winning is always better than losing. And beating you... The man, who supposedly is the best of the best here in ACW, will be such a sweet victory for me. It'll be a sweet day for everyone who believes that your morals are some that need to be removed from the wrestling world!

Jake takes in one deep breath. He looks around and asks if everyone is ready to hear him finish off Rob Hardy... The crowd roars once again. Jake turns one final time towards the camera and begins to speak one more time...

Jake Starr: Hardy... I don't know why you parade your filthy, disgusting, perverse, habits in front of God and everyone. You say everyone has secrets they're not willing to tell? Well why are you spilling your secrets? I don't care about them... Hell in this business, we're supposed to be athletes. We're supposed to be the epitome of healthy. And then along come rejects like you who help to ruin our reputation. We lose every ounce of credibility once someone screws up, like you CONTINUALLY are. Jake Starr has deep dark secrets. Yes you're right... But I don't go parading them around for everyone to see. I do my damnedest to present myself in a positive light. I make sure that when my kids look up at their father, they don't see TRASH like you in front of them. Whomever this D-MAC guy is you speak of is no concern of mine. He may have called you a homosexual in the past... But "Shady"... Get it deeply embedded in your thick, mindless, poisoned, skull that this is the present. These are the days in which you fear for your entire life. These are the days in which you hope and pray never come. Well Cheech... They're upon you now. It might be wise for you to come to that ring stoned off of your f_cking @$$... Why? Because then the memories of me destroying every ounce of fight you have within your body will seem like a bad dream. The only way you'll know they weren't... Is by the bruises, bumps, scratches, and cuts that you'll have on your body the next day. So I might suggest not sobering up for a while... Because you won't like the reality you sober up to.

Jake and Bane stand up. The crowd cheers for Jake as he finishes his comments for Rob "Shady" Hardy. Some of the members of the crowd give high-fives to Jake Starr, while others just pat him on the back. Some of the younger, attractive, females walk up and wish him good luck in his debut by giving him a slight hug. Jake appreciates the gratitude and love he is receiving from the fans. He especially loves it, knowing that both he and Rob Hardy are loved by the fans. So the more fans he can pick up, the better! Will this promo be enough to scare the pants off of Rob Hardy? Will he run for cover knowing that he is officially a marked man? As Monday looms, we will be able to tell. Will the fans remain behind both stars? All of these questions will be answered at ACW's Monday Mayhem.

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