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Since the announcement of Jake Starr's inception into American Championship Wrestling, the fans and fellow superstars have been anticipating his first words and his first match. The first impact that the ACW "Impact Player" made was against the top man in the business, Rob "Shady" Hardy. Hardy is the ACW's official Stars and Stripes Heavyweight Champion. Jake Starr wasted no time in going straight to the top of the ACW ladder, and making his presence felt. In his first appearance on ACW television, it was revealed that Jake Starr is the younger brother of, fellow ACW superstar, Bane. The two have reunited and have vowed to take the ACW by storm. From the get-go, the combination of Bane and Jake Starr was seen as two polar opposites. Jake Starr is the cocky, arrogant, fan favorite, while Bane is the ruthless, maniacal, tweener. The very next week, it was Jake Starr who aided Bane in his victory, while at the same time showing that he was NOT afraid of Rob Hardy. Then, at Clash of Champions, it was Jake Starr, AGAIN, attacking Rob Hardy. But he wasn't done there... Jake Starr, along with his Brother in Blood, Bane, made short work of ACW owner, and co-founder, Johnny Hayes. To culminate all of these events... The anticipation for Jake Starr's debut is among us. Both in speech... And in the ring. On May 3rd, 2004, it will be Rob Hardy stepping into a non-title match with the ACW rookie. It could be a lucky break for Hardy that this match is non-title. But a victory by Jake Starr could solidify his place in the driver's seat for a title bout with Hardy.

The camera slowly fades up from black on a bustling parking lot outside the San Angelo Coliseum, in San Angelo, TX. Fans are flocking into the building for the inaugural football game of the IFL, San Angelo Stampede football team. One thing none of the fans know is who lies inside. Since this is the very first game for the Stampede, the team's staff wanted to put on a show to draw the crowd. One of their plans is to surprise the fans with a visit from ACW superstars Bane and local hero, Jake Starr. None of the fans are aware about what is going to occur. Many of them speculate that it'll just be like the San Angelo Saints hockey franchise, and be nothing new or special. As the fans flock in, the merchandise stands are selling caps, sweatshirts, t-shirts, as well as various other Stampede merchandise. As the camera maneuvers itself through the bustling concourse area, it makes it way down towards the locker room area. As the camera positions itself right outside of the Stampede locker room, it quickly turns to its right to a door that goes under the arena. As the door is opened, under the seats of the unsuspecting fans is none other than Jake Starr and his brother Bane. From a distance it is easily seen that the two are conversing. As the camera slowly moves in closer their conversation is slowly made audible.

Bane: You seem very excited my brother...

Jake Starr: Oh I'm very excited Bane...

Bane: Might I inquire as to why?

Jake Starr: Sure go ahead...

Bane: I almost had forgotten how cocky and sarcastic you can be!

Jake Starr: Now how could you forget that? I mean seriously... We've been brothers since I was born!

Bane: No sh!t!

Jake Starr: Keep digging... Anyway... I've been the cocky bastard of the family since I was able to make coherent sense out of anything.

Bane: Oh believe me... I know!

Jake Starr: And tonight is going to be an awesome night bro!

Bane: Why do you say that?

Jake Starr: Simple... Because I'm going to walk out from this tunnel, in front of 5000-plus, unsuspecting, San Angeloans, and tell Rob "Shady" Hardy where to stick it. How can that not be awesome?

Bane: You definitely know how to work a crowd my young brother!

Jake Starr: Damn right I do... Many fans were confused as to why we attacked Johnny Hayes at Clash of Champions... Some have even thought I turned heel on them.

Bane: But you love the crowd...

Jake Starr: I know... And hopefully my reasoning behind the attack will make them feel a little more at ease.

As the two are talking, the door leading to the tunnel swings open. Down the short walkway walks the Assistant General Manager of the San Angelo Stampede. Jake and Bane quickly stop their conversation and look over in the direction of the approaching Assistant General Manager. They are quick to acknowledge the man as he walks up to the two.

Jake Starr: Yes sir?

Assistant GM: My apologies for interrupting you two...

Jake Starr: Not a problem... What's the deal?

Assistant GM: Ok I've come down here to quickly run through the plans for your entrance and speech.

Jake Starr: Sounds good... What's the plan man?

Assistant GM: Basically, once the buzzer sounds for halftime both teams are going to exit the field...

Jake Starr: Which is traditional in football...

Assistant GM: Well... Yes... But...

Bane: Just ignore his sarcasm...

Jake Starr: People have tried that, but failed every time!

Bane: I guess since I'm your brother I have that super power?

Jake Starr: Eh... I guess...

Assistant GM: Anyway sir... Once the teams exit, the lights will dim. I will walk out to the 25-yard line and do my little spiel about how I am happy the fans are here, yadda yadda yadda, and then I'll do your big entrance.

Jake Starr: I hope your speech doesn't really include those "yadda yadda yadda's"!

Assistant GM: Ha Ha! No sir it doesn't!

Jake Starr: Well good... I was going to have to regretfully inform you that your speech would suck then!

Assistant GM: Well thankfully then... They're not in the speech!

Jake Starr: Phew!

Assistant GM: So does that sound alright?

Jake Starr: In terms of a good plan... Honestly yeah it sounds fine.

Assistant GM: Phew! I'm glad I don't have to worry about changing things up!

Jake Starr: Nah... We're pretty laid back. And I love these people... So hopefully they'll love me back!

Assistant GM: Well I will leave you and come get you once it is time. You can watch the game on the monitors back here.

Jake Starr: Thanks!

As the Assistant General Manager turns to leave, he begins walking towards the exit. Bane and Jake Starr resume their conversation, but Jake quickly realizes he has one final request for the Assistant General Manager.

Jake Starr: Hey... One more thing!

Assistant GM: Yes sir?

Jake Starr: Is there any way you could hook us up with a couple Stampede jerseys with our names on the back?

Assistant GM: Well it originally was going to be a surprise... But that has already been taken care of!

Jake Starr: Awesome!

Bane: That is something even I can get excited about.

The Assistant General Manager leaves the tunnel area. The two ACW superstars resume their conversation officially.

Jake Starr: Now... Where were we?

Bane: Beats the hell out of me!

Jake Starr: Oh I remember... About the whole Johnny Hayes incident...

Bane: Well we had just cause... Hopefully your fans will understand... If not...

Jake Starr: Don't even go there bro...

Bane: Go where?!

Jake Starr: I know where you were going. We're not "making" them understand!

Bane: Well that's no fun!

Jake Starr: Ha Ha!

Bane: Once they recall how we were they'll understand how we'll always be!

Jake Starr: Yeah... And once I get to go off on Rob Hardy they'll love me again.

Bane: Maybe...

Jake Starr: What do you mean maybe?

Bane: Those people love him too...

Jake Starr: Oh hell that's right!

Bane: He's actually got many of those fans believing he cares about them.

Jake Starr: Well.. They'll hear the truth from me.

Bane: Good!

Bane decides to shift the topic ever so slightly... While remaining on the subject of Rob Hardy.

Bane: What plans do you have for Hardy once you beat him on Monday?

Jake Starr: What plans? Simple... Beat him over... And over... And over again!

Bane: I'm assuming you want that pretty piece of hardware he carries with him.

Jake Starr: Undoubtedly! That sack of sh!t has something that I want... AND WILL GET!

Bane: I did hear he didn't have the balls to actually give you a shot right off of the bat.

Jake Starr: Can you blame the guy? He's been beaten down time and time again by me... He doesn't have what it takes to beat me. He doesn't have what it takes to keep his belt against me. He knows in his feeble little mind that he doesn't have what it takes to stand toe to toe with Jake Starr.

Bane: He doesn't have what it takes to stand toe to toe with many people. He's pathetic!

Jake Starr: He is a disgrace to that belt which he holds. He's NOTHING! Jake Starr and Bane are the futures of this company...

Bane looks up at one of the monitors and sees that the game is about to start. Both men stop talking as the national anthem is sung over the PA system. As the national anthem finishes Bane resumes the conversation.

Bane: Good the game is about to start!

Jake Starr: Awesome... I wish we could be up in the stands... Or on the sidelines... The energy is awesome.

Bane: Yeah... But then we'd also be mugged by fans trying to get our autographs and pictures.

Jake Starr: True... I don't want to steal the Stampede's thunder. This is their opening game... We're just an added bonus.

Bane: I hear you...

Jake Starr: Yeah... I don't know about you but I'm ready to pull up a chair and start watching.

Bane: I'm game!

Jake Starr: Good! Let's watch this sh!t...

The two ACW stars kick back in their folding chairs, and watch the monitor of the game going on in the arena. As the Stampede make good plays, Jake Starr is seen jumping out of his chair and cheering on his hometown squad. As it nears the end of the second quarter, the Assistant General Manager comes back into the tunnel one more time before the big halftime spectacle.

Assistant GM: Ok guys... We have about 1 minute left on the clock. You two about ready?

Jake Starr: Damn right we are... Well at least I am... Bro you ready?

Bane: Hell yeah!

Shocked at the response of his brother, Jake comments on his brother's response...

Jake Starr: You know that is the most enthusiasm I've heard from you in a long time!

Bane: Don't get used to it!

Jake Starr: Believe me I won't!

Assistant GM: Anyway... Things will be going down as we discussed. When you hear me announce you, your video will play over our video board, the laser lights will begin to flash, and Jake, your theme will blast over the PA system. You two just do your normal entrance and I'll hand you the microphone and let you two go to town. Just try and keep it as "PG" as you can...

Jake Starr: Now that I can't promise... But I'll make it entertaining!

Assistant GM: Oh boy...

Jake Starr: Oh it'll be a riot!

The buzzer sounds and is heard down in the tunnel. The group looks on the monitor as the two teams disperse to their respective locker rooms.

Assistant GM: Well... There goes the buzzer. In the words of Sting... It's show time folks!

Jake Starr: Let's rock and roll!

The camera fades to black from the tunnel in which it has been during this entire scene. It immediately picks back up overlooking the turf of the San Angelo Stampede. The seats are packed as the fans know something spectacular is going to happen for the halftime show. Some fans have speculated that there will be a band playing... But nobody is for sure. The scene shifts AGAIN, this time to field level and at the 25-yard line, where the Assistant General Manager stands. He has a microphone and begins speaking.

Assistant GM: San Angelo, Texas... HOW ABOUT YOUR STAMPEDE?!

The crowd erupts for the cheap pop initiated by the Assistant General Manager.

Assistant GM: Well, we in the front office are definitely proud of this team. We are proud that we were able to bring this to San Angelo! But we are also proud of what else we can bring to San Angelo. You see... We promised you, the fans, a special treat tonight for halftime. We PURPOSELY didn't tell anyone. Our special guests have been hiding in the building since 10:00 this morning. Why? Because we wanted to make sure NOBODY knew they were here... And who they were. Now we San Angeloans have many people to be proud of... We have David Hulse, our former Texas Ranger and Milwaukee Brewer... We have Pierce Holt, our former San Francisco 49er and Super Bowl Champion... We have recording artist Los Lonely Boys, who are the hottest new band out there... And also have been dubbed Willie Nelson's favorite "local band". And last, but certainly not least... We have this man. A man who has literally faced death and danger... And beaten it. He has survived a hellacious car crash... And has reclaimed his career which he once thought was over. Ladies and gentlemen... It is my DISTINCT HONOR to present to you... From San Angelo, Texas... Representing American Championship Wrestling... San Angelo's own "Impact Player," Jake Starr, and his brother Bane!!!

Suddenly the lights are killed and green laser beams fill the arena. The crowd has erupted again and has focused on the entrance way of the San Angelo Stampede. The man in charge of the music blasts "Praise" by Sevendust over the PA system. The spotlight quickly focuses itself on the entrance way... Smoke slowly rises and out from the mist bursts Jake Starr. The crowd immediately erupts again, this time in a deafening roar. Walking behind Jake comes his older brother Bane. Jake runs up to the dasher boards that surround the field and jumps up on one and raises his arms in the air. He pounds his chest and absorbs the energy emitted by the crowd. Jake runs to the other side of the field and jumps up on those dasher boards and does the same thing. The smile on his face is unmistakable. Bane has already made his way to the 25-yard line and has accepted the microphone from the Assistant General Manager. Jake finally makes his way to the 25-yard line and is handed the microphone from his brother. He grins again as the crowd roars once he grabs the microphone... He slowly raises it to his lips and begins to speak.


Taking the cheap pop, the fans roar.

Jake Starr: Damn it is great to be home... Especially on a night like this. Before I really get started into what I want to talk about... I want to extend a personal thanks to the management of the Stampede for inviting me out here tonight. C'mon let's give them a hand...

The crowd responds by clapping for the management.

Jake Starr: Now I know many of you, if not all of you, are big wrestling fans. Am I right?

Again, the crowd bites on the cheap pop and cheers frantically.

Jake Starr: Well then... I know you have seen me out there in American Championship Wrestling. You see many of you may be questioning why I returned to wrestling. Well first let me address that. I returned primarily because I felt, in my body, that I could do it again. It is my passion... It is my love... And it is what I'm damn good at. When I got in that car crash... I thought my career was over. I thought I had nothing left... Well I was wrong. After month after agonizing month of agonizing therapy just to get me functioning again... Then the years of training and retraining my body to take bumps... Take physical punishment... And be able to perform in a wrestling ring again... I decided it was time to return. I phoned my brother Bane... Asked him what he thought. I talked to my girl to see what she'd think. And once it was all said and done. We agreed that my @$$ belonged in a squared-circle, kicking @$$, and making you people love every last minute of it.

The fans cheer on their hometown superstar as he continues to speak.

Jake Starr: So that basically sums that up. Now onto the next topic which everyone wants to hear me talk about... My actions at Clash of Champions when I, along with my older brother Bane here, sent Johnny Hayes for a little ride.

Fans have mixed reactions to the mention of that incident.

Jake Starr: Yeah... I knew that would be the general reaction. Well you see... Many of you who knew me prior to my days in ACW knew that I'm not the biggest fan of owners of a company. Owners have this knack for screwing me over and trying to suppress my advancement where ever I may be. So I spoke with Bane here... And I knew he had no love loss for these guys... And we decided we'd send Johnny Hayes a little message. A little message that says don't mess with the Brothers in Blood if you value your existence. What Johnny received was just a little taste. And if he wants to feel our wrath even more, we'll be happy to dish it out. I didn't do it because I don't respect him... I didn't do it because I don't like him... I did it because I don't trust him. The minute he tries to manipulate my brother or myself... It will be a day in which he never forgets.

Some fans continue to remain upset about what Jake Starr and Bane did. Others cheer on the brothers as Jake continues to speak.

Jake Starr: Now I'd like to get to the one thing I know most of you want to hear about... And that is my feelings towards ACW's Stars and Stripes Heavyweight Champion, Rob "Shady" Hardy...

Yet again the crowd is divided on their reaction.

Jake Starr: This guy, in my opinion which I know everyone values, is a complete farce. I mean seriously... What kind of "champion" admits to doing drugs, and acts like a complete dumb @$$? Look at this guy... He is a disgrace. You people cheer him when you should be jeering him. You shouldn't cheer for a guy who openly admits to being a chronic drug user. You shouldn't cheer for someone who doesn't deserve to even be in professional wrestling. Why doesn't he deserve it? It's simple... Because he flat out sucks. He hasn't done anything spectacular to deserve the honor of wearing such a title. He is a pathetic excuse for a wrestler. Why the ACW would employ such trash is beyond me. But quite frankly... Once I exploit that trash... Everything will be in perspective. Everyone will see that he isn't anywhere near deserving of that belt.

The crowd continues to respond with mixed reactions. Jake continues to rant and rave about his opponent for this Monday night.

Jake Starr: Now enough with the "Kurt Angle-esque" comments... It's time for Jake Starr to be Jake Starr. Rob Hardy... I want you to make sure you listen up where ever you may be right now. I've come to ACW for a reason. One of those reasons is to make a mockery of your pathetic excuse for a career. I have sat back and heard these stories of the "great" Rob Hardy... And quite frankly they make me sick. You go around thinking you are some "Billy Bad @$$" superstar when you haven't even beaten anyone who matters. I can guarantee fear is running through your head right now. Why? Because I am a HALL OF FAMER in this industry... I've been given the LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD... I've dominated EVERY SINGLE FEDERATION I have come in contact with. And in every one of those federations I encounter a big talking, cocky, egotistical, wannabe like yourself. I take it upon myself to expose those wannabes and show the world, and their fans, that they are NOTHING more than an overrated piece of trash. I can guarantee you fit that category perfectly. You have these fans believing you're some kind of "superstar"... Son your nickname is "Shady"... They should understand that if you are willingly calling yourself "Shady," you shouldn't be trusted.

The number of fans cheering for the new ACW superstar slowly rises. The crowd is beginning to get behind "The Impact Player".

Jake Starr: Now honestly what is with all of this drug use? Don't you know you do stupid sh!t when you're on drugs. Do you even remember what all you've done while high? Probably not... It wouldn't surprise me if you went and got high... Then you went to Las Vegas hoping to find yourself a nice little hoochie mama for the evening... And instead found yourself a sugar daddy. Then when you sobered up you found yourself naked, in a motel room on the outskirts of Vegas with little drips of blood coming out your @$$. You realize you had been butt-f_cked by some convict just released from prison and gotten his name tattooed on your wang.

The crowd "oohs," "ahhs," and gasps at the comments being made by Jake Starr.

Jake Starr: Hey I'm not condoning this behavior. This is the ACW Stars and Stripes Champion... He's the one who condones this behavior! This guy thinks he is tough sh!t... Well he is in for a rude awakening. He is entering the ring with one of the best in the business. I may have some ring rust... But I can guarantee that I could be Rob Hardy on his best day... And my worst day. This chump thinks that he is the ACW franchise... Well Rob Hardy look in the mirror one final time. Because once you enter the ring with "The Impact Player" you'll realize that your days as a "franchise player" are up. Your days as one of the "greats" in the ACW are over. Jake Starr is here to put an end to your miserable career. And I'll do it whether you like it or not.

As Jake finishes his comments towards his opponent, he hands the microphone back to the Assistant General Manager. The Assistant General Manager announces to the audience that after the game Jake Starr and Bane will be signing autographs in the front concourse. The crowd begins to flock towards the exit area hoping that Jake or Bane will reach up and slap their hands. A few fans get lucky and get their hands slapped... Others get waves and nods from the superstars. The camera to the scene slowly fades out after the game as fans approach a table with both superstars sitting at it. Both Bane and Jake Starr sign autographs, t-shirts, etc. for the fans. Some fans are lucky enough to get pictures made with the two. The questions on everyone’s mind now will be, can Rob Hardy really match Jake Starr? Or will "The Impact Player" overwhelm the Stars and Stripes Champion and make a quick name for himself in the world of American Championship Wrestling. Only time will tell...

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